Pick Up Insurance

A Pick Up is a vehicle with a front cab and an open cargo area at the back for storage. Whether you use a Pick Up for commercial or private use, having the right cover in place is important to protect your goods and your vehicle. So if you want Pick Up Insurance, why not ‘pick up’ the phone today for a free and no obligation quote?

Pick up truck

What is a Pick Up?

A pick up truck is usually consists of half the vehicle inside and the other half is outside for storage. The inside part is known as the front cab and can have two or four seats. The back open storage area is known as the cargo area.

Some people use pick up trucks for work, particularly tradesman, who need to store tools, equipments or goods in the back of the vehicle and be on the move.

Pick ups are also used by drivers for personal and leisure such as family holidays who use the cargo area for to their luggage or a football coach who uses the big boot for all his team’s equipment.

So whatever you use a pick up for, you want to have insurance in place for any damages or repairs to the vehicle in the event of an accident. Above all, if you use a pick up as part of your business activity, you will certainly want the right cover in place to limit your car being off the road such as Breakdown Cover. You will also want Contents Insurance to protect any of your own personal equipment or goods that you are transporting for customers.

The Pick Up Insurance available includes:

  • Third party cover
  • Fire, theft, flood and third party cover
  • Fully comprehensive (all of the above)
  • Breakdown cover (free for new customers from Call Wiser)
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Contents Insurance

How much does Pick Up Insurance cost?

The cost of Pick Up Insurance will depend on a number of factors, but it the pricing is generally similar to insuring a van. Insurers assess the risk of the driver and the vehicle making a claim so they need to assess the size, the driver’s experience and the type of goods they transport.

Pick Up Size - How much you pay for your premium will vary on whether your pick up is a standard cab or double cab or has had any modifications to it. Some pick up trucks are too big and fall into the different category of Light Commercial Vehicles and therefore require a specialist policy which involves a high premium.

Driver information – The age of the driver and their level of driving experience will impact the premium they pay. Those drivers with more experience and less claims history are considered a lower risk of being involved in accident and therefore they are given a lower Pick Up Insurance quote.

Goods & Equipment – The driver needs to make the insurer aware of any equipment kept in the vehicle and also the type of goods that are usually transported. The more valuable and delicate the goods are and how easy they are to replace will affect the cost of the policy.

Pick Up Truck Insurance from Call Wiser

At Call Wiser, we are thrilled to offer the most competitive rates in the UK for Pick Up Truck Insurance. By working with a number of top lenders, we are able to compare the cost of different policies so that we can get the best deal for our customers.

A real bonus is that we offer free breakdown cover from the RAC for all new policies. So for tradesmen who use their pick up truck to go to work, they have the peace of mind knowing that if they break down somewhere, they can use the breakdown cover and return to work as usual. We also offer free mobile phone and gadget cover for the possessions you keep in the vehicle.

We are always trying to find ways to lower the cost for our customers, our dedicated team in Andover, Hampshire are constantly trying to find the best deals and discounts available. In fact, if you have more than one pick up truck which is common for business purposes, see how much you can save by putting all of them under one policy. Visit Fleet Insurance for more information.

By using a comparison site like Call Wiser, you get to access all these offers in one place instead of having to go to each insurer. So why wait? Simply give us a call today and someone from our team of insurance experts will be ready to take your call and provide you with a quote today.

Useful Information

Even if you use your pick up truck only occasionally, you must always have insurance in place. You can apply for temporary insurance if you know you are only going to use it for a few weeks. However, driving on the road without insurance is against the law and can lead to prosecution.

Finally, young drivers are allowed to purchase insurance for pick up trucks. Anyone over the age of 17 can driver a van weighing up to 3.5 tonnes provided that they have a Category B driving license. To drive a van over 3.5 tonnes, you must be over 18 and have a Cat C1 license. (Source: Gov.uk)

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