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Call Wiser can find the best Lorry Insurance for you and your business. Whether it’s a 7.5 tonne lorry or 10 tonne lorry, 6 wheeler or 8 wheeler, by working with leading insurers in the UK, we are able to find the best quotes for our customers. So why not call today for a free and no obligation quote?

Lorries are generally seen as a high risk to insurers. Insurance companies always have to be consider the risks of making a claim and a lorry raises alarm bells. Due to their size and weight, lorries are hazardous vehicles on the road and they aren’t easy to drive either. Together, this makes them prone to getting into accidents with other drivers and causing damage to other property. Also, due to carrying goods and haulage, lorries are at constant risk of theft as thieves try to get their hands on potentially valuable items.

With all the risks associated with lorry driving, it is important to have adequate cover in place whether it is a fully comprehensive policy, third party only or fire/flood/theft and third party. Other types of cover available for lorry insurance include: Breakdown cover (included) | Legal expenses | Goods in transit cover | Europe and overseas cover

Truck Insurance – what affects costs of your premium?

The size of the truck is key to the cost of your insurance premium. The rule of thumb is that the larger the vehicle, the greater the risk of accident and more damage that can be done - so the higher the premium. Trucks can be categorized into three sizes:

Light –weighing up to 6,350 kg e.g pick up trucks and minivans

Medium – weighing between 6,351kg to 11,793kg e.g platform trucks, box trucks

Heavy – weighing between 11,794kg to 14,969kg e.g mobile crane, tractor, garbage truck

Source: Wikipedia

For information on the size and weights of trucks, visit here.

Other factors which affect price include the goods that you transport. Obviously the more goods and the more valuable they are, the more risk there is if they are lost, stolen or damaged so this will increase the price of your insurance.

The drivers named on the policy are important. The older, more experience and lower claims history they have will lower the premium.

The mileage is a key indicator of price as those vehicles that do more miles are at a greater risk of accidents than those that do not commute far. The insurers we work with all ask for your annual mileage and also consider the areas you drive in when assessing your premium.

The safety features on your trucks can significantly reduce the price of your insurance if added effectively. By having alarms, trackers and immobilizers on the vehicle and also locking the trucks in a big garage over night, will mean that your vehicles and the goods inside are less like to be stolen – and this will lower your premium.

Lorry driver inside cab

Insurance Quotes from Call Wiser

To receive a Lorry Insurance quote today simply give us a call. We have a large team of insurance experts in our head office in Andover, Hampshire and they are raring to take your call. They will simply ask about the type of lorries that you have and some details about the drivers and their level of experience.

We always think its better to speak on the phone so we can get to know exactly what policy you are after and so we can give you exactly what you want. If you would prefer us to call you back, simply fill in an online quote form and one of our team members will get back to you today.

By using a comparison site, you gain access to a wide variety of different quotes and policies, rather than having to go to each insurer one by one. So by applying through Call Wiser, you get access to the best quotes on the market and any introductory bonuses and add-ons that come with.

Free breakdown cover from Call Wiser is included for every new customer. Breakdown cover will certainly come in handy for those lorries that are used to transporting goods. Especially if they need to make a delivery by a certain time, the last thing they want is to be broken down on the side of the motorway with no one to call.

Truck Insurance Cover

Truck Insurance is the same as Lorry Insurance, just some people prefer to use the American word for Lorry. There are several types of truck insurance policies:

Commercial Truck Insurance is very common for businesses that own a number of trucks and need the right cover in place. If you have numerous trucks, you can apply for fleet insurance to put all vehicles into one single policy and save money by doing so.

Recovery Truck Insurance will provide cover for any damages to the truck, the vehicles on the truck and any other third parties. Recovery trucks always have the risk of something falling off so having protection in place is key.

Skip Lorry Insurance is specifically for the lorry used to move a skip full of dirt or rubbish. It would be worth having third party insurance in case any other cars or individuals were hurt during the moving of a skip. For instance, a recent cyclist was injured when she collided with skip lorry (Evening Standard). So having skip lorry cover in place will allow the driver to claim towards any legal and medical expenses.

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