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Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance allows you to put numerous cars or vans under the same insurance policy. It costs less for the more vehicles you put under the same policy and at Call Wiser, we can help you find the best quote for your fleet by comparing prices from over 30 leading insurers in the UK.

What is Fleet Van Insurance?

Fleet Insurance allows you to cover a number of vans under one single policy. So if you’re a company that own vans, HGVs, lorries and minibuses, you can make life easier by putting all your vehicles in the same insurance policy. No need to worry about having lots of accounts open with different insurers for each vehicle and constantly trying to remember your renewal dates, Fleet Van Insurance has you covered.

Commercial Fleet Insurance is particularly popular for companies that have a number of vans that are crucial to their daily business such as couriers.

A Mini Fleet or Small Fleet allows you to cover up to 5 cars or vans and can be taken out in an individual’s name or in the name of a company.

The Advantages of Fleet Insurance

The biggest advantage of Fleet Van Insurance is that having several vans under one policy means you pay less to insure each vehicle. It is like you have bought insurance in bulk and therefore the price per vehicle decreases. So if you’re company has a lot of vans, you could make a saving of thousands of pounds each year.

In addition, Fleet Van Insurance allows you to cover up to 500 vans on the same policy. This can seriously reduce the admin for a big company with a large fleet and make it very easy to add new vans to the policy.

Another great advantage is that you can insure all drivers of all ages to your vans. So for commercial purposes, you can add all your employees to the policy so that they can use any van, any time. Having this added flexibility can really boost your productivity.

For business owners, there is less admin associated with one policy. Every year, you have a renewal date for your insurance cover and by having lots of policies open, you have to think when your next renewal date and if you want to try find a better deal. Imagine doing that for hundreds of vehicles? For this reason, it is easier just having one policy with all your vans registered and only one renewal date at the end of the year. Plus, if you come back to Call Wiser, we can see if we can get you an even better price after your first year!

What is the cost of Fleet Van Insurance?


The cost of Fleet Van Insurance will depend on a number of factors including:

Number of vans - The more vans you are looking to insure, the more your premium will be, however, it will cost less per van.

The age and condition of the vans – The age and conditions of the vehicles will impact how likely they are to breakdown or be involved in an accident. Fairly new vans in good condition should receive a good premium.

Number of drivers on the policy – The more drivers you put on the policy, the more it costs to insure them. How much driving experience each person has and their claims history will affect the price you pay.

The purpose of the vans – Depending on the nature of your business, insurers need to access the risk of claims. For instance, a fleet of vans that delivers to the local neighbourhood will be at less risk than a fleet of vans that has to drive all over the country in different weather and road conditions.

Type of cover – How much cover you wish to put on the policy will also determine price. Most fleets opt for ‘third party cover’, which is the most basic and offers protection for any damages, legal expenses or medical bills to third party vehicles, pedestrians and property.

However, this means that any damages to your own vehicle will have to be paid by you or the company. So alternatively, you can apply for full comprehensive cover so you can make claims against your vehicle too.

If you courier a lot of goods, you can look at adding contents insurance and you will pay different prices based on how much your transport and what the goods are worth. For more information, visit Goods in Transit Insurance.


Tips to reduce the cost of Fleet Van Insurance

To reduce the cost of your Fleet Insurance, it is essential that you increase the safety features on all your vehicles. By ensuring that your vans have alarms and locks in place, your vehicle is less likely to be stolen and this will reduce your need to make a claim. It is recommended to keep your vehicles in a garage overnight or when they are not used.

You may want to limit the number of young drivers on the account because young and inexperienced drivers are more prone to accidents so this will increase the price of your policy. As a business owner, it could be worth putting your drivers on an additional training course such as the SAFED Van Driving Course as this will lower the overall premium.

Fleet Insurance Quotes from Call Wiser

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of your insurance is to use an independent broker like Call Wiser to get you the best Fleet Insurance Quote. Working with top insurers in the country, we review hundreds of deals and discounts every day and we can certainly find you the best deal for your personal or company’s needs.

We think there is nothing better than a phone call. It allows us to get to know you better so that we can find the best policy for you. If you call us today on 0800 298 2190, one of our insurance experts will ask a few simple details about the vehicles you would like to insure and the drivers that you want to put on the policy. By searching a number of competitive deals, we will be able to provide you with quote today.

There are bonuses for applying with Call Wiser including free breakdown cover from the RAC. This can be crucial for any van business that needs to be on the road and making deliveries. Plus, we have other extras including free mobile phone cover and claim assistance. We can also help you find contents insurance and tool insurance too so that you have everything you need.

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