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What influences the price of Van Insurance Quotes

To obtain the best quote possible, there are many factors that are taken into consideration.

The age of the vehicle influences the cost whether it’s new or old, has strong security features in place, vehicle speed and van performance.

If you decide to make modifications to the van, this could make the overall premium more expensive since it may cost a lot to replace. It is important that you make these modifications clear to the insurer before agreeing to your policy.

The size of your van will also affect your premium - as larger vehicles will naturally be more expensive to insure. For this reason, it is important to find the right van size for your business or private use since getting one that is surplus to requirement will be more costly.

Similar to car insurance, if you choose to pay more voluntary excess on top of the compulsory excess, the price of your premium may reduce considerably. At Call Wiser, we are pleased to give you a number of options available. So if you compare van insurance quotes with us, you can choose to pay more or less voluntary excess and find the right policy for you.

The use of your vehicle is very important – particularly whether it is for private or business use. If you are using it for work, you are going to accumulate more mileage and therefore you may need a larger premium, especially if you keep tools and equipment in the vehicle. The cost of insurance will be considerably less for private van owners who use their cars for leisure and social purposes. This is explained in further detail below as we look at the types of van insurance:

Commercial Purposes

Van insurance for your company or business can be vital especially for tradesmen who use their vans everyday and work at numerous locations.

In the event of a motor accident, you need to have commercial van insurance in place because it is a legal requirement but also because you will be financially worse off. If your van is involved in a road accident, stolen, vandalized or destroyed in a fire, not only will you have to pay the damages to any other parties involved; you will also not be able to travel to work and earn an income.

If you keep any tools and equipment inside, be sure to include these in your policy or they will not be covered in the event of an accident. For more information, visit our tools insurance page.

Private Van Insurance

This refers to using your van for private, social and domestic use. However, you will still require insurance if you drive the vehicle on the road because you need to be covered in the event of an accident to the driver, passenger or pedestrian. You must be able to prove to the insurer that you use the van for personal use and the premium should be very reasonable since you will not accumulate a lot of mileage.

The only way to be exempt from insurance is if you don’t drive your vehicle at all i.e you just keep it in the garage. You will need to legally declare your vehicle off-road or make a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification).

Classic Vans

This is cover specifically for vintage vans that are over 25 years old. They may not require insurance if they are not used on the road but may require different levels of insurance if they are used for private or commercial purposes. If you have made modifications to the vehicle, you may be able to ‘agree the value’ with the insurer to the cover the cost in the event of any damage.

At Call Wiser we like to make sure that you are fully aware of the many different levels of cover that we are able to provide to suit all of your needs.

Types of Cover


Comprehensive cover is the highest level of cover. As well as covering third party liabilities, a comprehensive policy will also cover the cost of repairing or replacing your van as a result of a broad range of eventualities, including fire, theft, accidental and malicious damage.

Third Party, Fire & Theft

In addition to third party liabilities, a Third Party, Fire & Theft policy will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your van in the event of fire damage or theft.

Third Party Only

Third Party Only cover is a basic level of cover, which is provided to meet legal requirements. A Third Party Only Policy will protect you against third party liabilities, but does not cover the cost of any damage caused to your own van.

With each and every one of our policies we provide you with:


RAC Roadside Assistance Breakdown Cover


Handbag and gadget cover


Claim Assistance


Accidental death and permanent disability cove

Not only these, but we also offer a fantastic range of schemes and discounts to guarantee you the best deals. We offer discounts such as:

Introductory discounts - been a named driver or driving a company car? We can mirror your No Claims Discounts that were earned on those policies just for you!

New driver Discounts – new to driving? We specialise in giving you the perfect level of cover paired with a low cost price!

No Claims Discounts – Whether your discount is earned in the UK or World Wide, Call Wiser will ensure that you get the maximum NCD allowable to you.

Multi policy Discounts – more than one vehicle or more than one policy insured with us? We can discount those down for you to get you the best possible deal within the insurance market!

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