Holiday Home Insurance

If you have a holiday home in the UK, Spain, France or Ireland, it is important to have the right cover in place to protect your property and assets. Whether it’s a flat, townhouse or villa in the UK or overseas, we can help find the best Holiday Home Insurance for you.

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What Holiday Home Insurance Cover can I get?

There are different options available when it comes to insurance for holiday homes and you have the choice to include purchase a single policy or create a ‘combined policy’ which includes all levels of cover including:

Buildings Insurance – This protects your holiday home for any physical damage to the walls, fittings and roofs. This can be a useful policy to have in place if your holiday resort in Spain or France is located on the coast and may be at risk to due to weather conditions. Or perhaps, you have a chalet in the mountains and you want to ensure that your property is protected against fires. Having buildings insurance means that any damages can be covered in part or full by your insurer.

Contents Insurance – This covers any items or belongings in your property that can be damaged or stolen such as paintings, jewellery, electronics or furniture. By having contents insurance in place, you are able to protect your items in the event that they are stolen by thieves or damaged by guests.

Loss of rent – If you are renting out your holiday home to strangers through an agent or website, you can get insurance to cover you for any payments or rent that you didn’t receive. A lot of people purchase holiday homes as an investment so receiving the rent is an important stream of income. Loss of rent insurance covers any legal fees or costs involved with following up the tenant for repayment.

Employers liability – If you employ staff to help run your holiday home, employers liability insurance will help pay for any damages or injuries caused to staff whilst on the job. This cover will pay for medical bills, loss of income and any other compensation as a result of the employee’s injury.

Do I need Insurance for a Holiday Home?

You will need Holiday Home Insurance for a number of reasons. It is not a legal obligation but a standard home insurance policy will not pay out the same amount if you leave your holiday home unoccupied for more than 30 days a year.

The reason for this is because if you leave your holiday home for longer than a month, it becomes exposed to thieves and squatters, which puts your property, belongings and investment at risk.

In addition, if you only visit your holiday home abroad once or twice a year, you don’t have anyone to regularly check that the house is in good condition. For instance, if a water pipe burst and flooded the house, it could be months before realizing and it could lead to significant damage.

For those that rent out their holiday home to friends, family or holidaymakers, it is important to have the right cover in place in case any of your contents are damaged or stolen. If you rent out your vacation home through sites like AirBnB, you are opening your house to strangers and this could bring added complications.

Holiday Home Insurance Comparison

At Call Wiser, we realize that a holiday home can be a very important asset to have. It can be used as an investment or your ultimate place to escape from your busy day-to-day life. We offer a full comparison service for finding the best Holiday Home Insurance quotes. We work with Holiday Home Insurance specialists who can give you the cover you need – specific cover that is not available with a standard home insurance policy.

Simply give us a call today and we will ask you a few simple questions about your holiday home and provide you with a market-beating quote. All calls are completely free from a landline and our friendly staff are waiting to take your call.

If you want to compare Holiday Home Insurance, you can also request a quote online by filling in a few details above. We try to limit the use of paper and things to post off to make the whole process as smooth as possible.

How to get the lowest premium on your Holiday Home Insurance

The best insurance premiums are available to those that keep their holiday homes in good condition and have them constantly checked for any damages. It could be worth paying an agent to constantly check your holiday property on a regular basis.

If you add security features to your property such as alarms, fences and gates, it will be less appealing to thieves and this will lower your premium. Equally, you can consider having a house sitter for a number of months a year.

The higher excess you pay on your policy means that you are willing to pay more out of your own pocket in the event of any damages. You will only have to pay more if you make a claim but insurers will tend to lower your premium as a result.

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