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Zero No Claims Bonus

Whether you've lost your No Claims Discount, or looking to start earning your own for the first time, Call Wiser is here to help you find a fantastic policy for your needs at a great price.

Are you a new driver? Recently finished a driving ban? Been named on another insurance policy which was not your own? Or have you been driving a company vehicle or any other vehicle which has stopped you earning your own no claims discount?

The cost of your car insurance can decrease by up to 65% if you have a no claims history. By not making any claims, the insurer is happy that they don’t have to pay out and it suggests that you are a safe driver and therefore less likely to be involved in future accidents.

This is why year upon year, you are eligible for a bigger ‘no claims discount’ (NCD) for a maximum of 5 years, with some insurers offering discounts for 6-8 claim free driving. Premiums will change year from year but you can always take your no claims bonus with you, even if you switch to a different insurer.

However, there are a number of reasons why drivers may have a Zero No-Claims Bonus in their name and just because they aren’t eligible for an NCD, doesn’t mean that Call Wiser can’t help you find a great deal.

As a leading independent broker in the UK, we work with over 30 of the top insurers in the country so have access to a wide range of competitive policies. Call Wiser offers introductory discounts and schemes that could be equivalent to up to 9 years NCB.

Call Wiser offers various introductory schemes that apply large discounts based on claim free driving experience on:

  • Your other vehicles (Mirrored NCD)
  • Company vehicles
  • International driving experience
  • Insured & spouse policies
  • Commercial vehicle driving experience

In addition, by applying for insurance through Call Wiser, you will receive free breakdown cover, claim assistance, gadgets and handbag cover too!

Finished a Driving Ban

If you have finished a driving ban because of a previous conviction, you will also have a Zero Claims Free Bonus and won’t be eligible for an NCD. Fortunately, at Call Wiser, we work with specialist insurers so that you can get access to the best deals on the market.

We will also provide guidance on how to receive discounts by better securing your vehicle, increasing your excess cover or limiting your mileage.

Named on another policy

If you have a multi car policy but are not the named driver on the account, you sadly do not qualify for a no-claims bonus. So if you have a parent who is the main policyholder, you cannot take credit for not making any claims during the time that you have been driving that vehicle.

Nevertheless, if you set up a new account with Call Wiser, we can still help you find the best deal possible even though you have a Zero No Claims Bonus.

New Drivers

New drivers will have a Zero No Claims Bonus because they wouldn’t have been on the road and in a position to make claims. Hopefully over time, they will not be involved in any accidents and will have no need to make a claim so that they are eligible for a NCD.

But for new drivers looking to save money on their premium, some of the insurers we work with offer an ‘accelerated bonus’ which can give you access to no claims discounts in 10 to 12 months rather than 5 years.

For a new driver under 21 to get a discount on their insurance, you can read more about the special policies we offer for young drivers.

Our Promise

Trust Pilot

You may be worried that because you have zero no claims discount you are going to be paying extortionate amounts each year for your car insurance; here at Call Wiser that is most definitely not the case!

We can offer a huge variety of schemes and discounts provided by more than 30 of the top insurers within the UK.

Not only do these schemes save you money but they will also save you a lot of time and effort as we have over 500 experienced and warm and friendly staff trained to give each customer VIP treatment.

Zero No Claims Bonus Driver

What is No Claims Discount?

No claims discount is a reduction in premium that you earn by driving claim free. For each claim free 12 month insurance period you accumulate an additional discount. Your no claim discount, once earned, is of significant financial value.

Your entitlement is usually shown in years and an insurer will translate this into a percentage that is deducted from the final price – hence the term discount!

A no claims discount (NCD) of five years or more, for example, can entitle drivers to a 40%-80% discount on car insurance premiums.

Average percentage reductions are:

  • 30% for 1 year’s NCD
  • 40% for 2 years’ NCD
  • 50% for 3 years’ NCD
  • 60% for 4 years’ NCD
  • 65% for 5+ years’ NCD

Generally, for every year that a driver has insurance on a car without making a claim, they will earn another year's NCD to a maximum of 5 years. Some companies offer further discounts for 6-8 years of claims-free driving, but generally the maximum figure is 5 years.

With two or more cars, a driver will need NCD for each individual vehicle. Drivers cannot share a NCD earned on one car between two cars. However, there are options available which can help. By getting in contact with Call Wiser, one of our warm and friendly, experienced, trained staff can discuss the options with you and help in arranging the best package for you and your needs.

We understand that it can be very hard to go for 5 years without making a claim but there are ways to keep your no claims bonus in tact.

For instance, for any minor damages to your car, it could be worth paying out of your own pocket. Whether it’s a slight bump or a scratch on your vehicle, although you excess may cover most of the cost to fix it, you may need to pay a little more on top. However, the potential discount you can earn by not making a claim is significantly more - which is why it may be best to pay for some minor damages without the help of your insurance.

If you were involved in an accident that it wasn’t your fault, although you made a claim to repair your vehicle, it will not affect your no-claims bonus if you can prove that you were not at fault.

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