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Short Term & Temporary Car Insurance

Looking for short term or temporary car insurance for 1 to 28 days? Call Wiser works with leading car insurers in the UK to help you find a policy to suit your needs. With typical policies lasting at least one year, we can offer policies for those looking for cover for just a few days or weeks

Short-term car insurance is ideal for someone who is borrowing a car from a family member or friend for a short space of time. Maybe they need weekend car insurance whilst they go on holiday, visit a family member or pick up their belongings from University.

Call Wiser works with top policymakers in the UK to help find the best deal for you. You can choose between all levels of cover including third party only, comprehensive or fire, flood, theft and third party too. We require some basic details including your age, drivers’ license and vehicle registration so that we can look at various offers available from different insurers and find you the best policy. To apply, you must be over 18 years of age, hold a valid UK driver’s license for at least 6 months, be a UK resident, and have permission to use the vehicle.

1 Day Car Insurance

Call Wiser can also provide quotes if you need car insurance for one day only. This type of short-term cover is very popular for people moving house and need a car to transport their things.

For as little as £10 per day, it’s worth getting 1 day car insurance. You don’t want to be on the road without insurance. If involved in a car accident you can be heavily sued by any other passengers, drivers or pedestrians involved. More importantly, it is illegal by law to be driving an uninsured vehicle on UK roads and it can lead to a huge fine, 6 penalty points and a driving ban. (Source: Govt)


To get a free quote, simply call our team of insurance experts today on 0333 234 1531. Our dedicated staff are based in Andover, Hampshire and they ready to take your calls.

It is completely free of charge to call from a landline and you can even request a quote online by filling in a few details and you will receive a call back on the same day.

We can set up a policy on the same day you apply and by choosing Call Wiser, you will receive added bonuses including free:

  • breakdown cover
  • handbag and mobile phone cover
  • claims and legal assistance
Trust Pilot

Temporary Car Insurance for young drivers under 18, 21 and 25

If you are under 25, it is very common to take out temporary car insurance, whether it’s borrowing your family’s car to go to a festival, a weekend away or travelling back and forth from University.

To be eligible, you must have held a valid UK driver’s license for at least 6 months, so this may not apply to all under 18 drivers. In addition, the vehicle you are insuring and your claims history will be reviewed when assessing your quotation.

Common Uses

There are several reasons why it is more cost effective to take out a policy for a few days or weeks rather than committing to a policy for the entire year, including the following:

  • Holiday – If you are looking to drive somewhere on holiday in the UK or Europe, you will need to be insured. Getting temporary insurance is perfect because you can acquire cover for a specific number of days. By applying through Call Wiser, you automatically get cover to drive in all EU countries and other non-EU countries including Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Andorra and Serbia. (Source: EU Motor Insurance Directives)

  • Work – If you have to work in a different area, you may need to borrow and insure a car for the length of the work placement so that you can get around.

  • Students - This cover is ideal for students that are only home for a few weeks of the year and may need to transport their belongings back and forth from University every couple of months. You can choose a policy specifically for moving your goods or something for the entire summer, depending on your plans.

  • Classic Car Owners – For those classic car enthusiasts that love to drive on the weekends only or just during the summer months, they can take out classic car insurance on a temporary basis so they can use their vehicle when they feel.

  • Learner Drivers – Learning how to drive takes a lot of time and a lot of practising, between 18 to 21 lessons to be precise (The Telegraph). If you have a driving instructor, they will be insured for you to drive their car but most new drivers will want to practice with their parents too. If you’re using your parents’ car as a named driver, you may seriously affect their no claims bonus and their premium if you get into an accident. There is less risk for learner drivers if they get short-term car insurance.

  • Visitors – If you have visitors from other parts of the UK or the EU, such as grandparents, cousins or friends, it can make sense to let them use your car temporarily for the duration of their stay.

  • New Car – If you have just purchased a new car, you will not be insured automatically. Instead of buying insurance immediately from the dealer, you might want to go home and compare different policies first. In the mean time, you can get temp cover for your car to last you the journey home and the next couple of days.

  • Selling a Car – Similarly if you are selling your car but have come to the end of your annual policy, it might make sense to insure your vehicle for another month rather than committing to a new policy for an entire year and paying the cancellation fees.

  • Courtesy Car Cover – If you have had an accident to your vehicle and are having serious repairs done, you may require a courtesy car or be provided one by the dealership. You may not be insured for this courtesy car, so you may require temporary insurance for a couple of days or weeks.

What Affects The Cost of Temporary Car Insurance


The average cost of short term cover is around £10 per day but it can vary depending on the risk of the driver making a potential claim.

For instance, young drivers will pay more due to having less experience on the road. This may particularly be the case if they haven’t driven for a long period of time and this is something that the insurers will take into consideration. Similarly, any drivers with a long history of claims and motoring convictions will also be required to pay more than average.

The purpose of driving is also important to insurers and the risk associated with it. For example, someone who needs to insure a car for a work placement is going to be far less risk than a group of teenagers driving around Europe on holiday. The type of vehicle that the driver wants to insure will affect the cost too as high performance cars will demand a higher premium due to the increased risk and cost of replacing key parts.

How much you pay will also depend on your level of cover. Some insurers we work with may be able to provide a fully comprehensive policy cheaper than a third party only policy but there might be extra costs to cover things like alloy wheels, scratches and dents.

Short Term Cover For Business Use

It is very common to hire a car or van and purchase temporary insurance for business purposes. This is typical for moving offices, going to tradeshows and events or even going on team bonding weekends.

A fully comprehensive policy is usually the best option so that you are fully insured for any damages or accidents to your vehicle and other vehicles and pedestrians on the road.

If you have a big team, you can look at adding named drivers so that employees can share the driving on those long journeys.

It is essential that you have contents insurance in order to cover any vital equipment or information from being lost of damaged such as computers, files, machinery and other sensitive information.

Things you should know

If you are looking for temporary insurance because you want to borrow a car from family or friends, the alternative is to add someone to your existing policy or get a multi car insurance policy.

If you have a short-term policy and are involved in an accident, this will not affect your no claims bonus. However, if you are borrowing someone else’s car, it may affect their no claims bonus and increase their future premiums.

Whilst you have the option to extend your temp cover for longer than 30 days, you cannot keep renewing temporary car insurance as a substitute for yearlong car insurance. It is now illegal to do this and drivers are recommended to get their own policy.

The average cost of car insurance for 12 months for Call Wiser customers is £599.83. Therefore, an annual policy would only cost you around £1.50 per day so the message is that short-term cover is cost-effective but for a short period of time only.

When finding you a quote, insurers will also take into account any previous convictions such as drink driving, driving without insurance and other penalties.

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