Second Car Insurance

There are some fantastic discounts available for insuring a second car and putting it on the same policy as your first car means that you can reduce the amount of admin and save money too. Speak to one of our advisors today on 0333 003 3270 for a free quote.

When Would You Use 2nd Car Insurance?

2nd Car insurance is ideal if you have more than one car in the driveway or there are two cars that belong to a household. The second vehicle could belong to a spouse, sibling, child or housemate.

The extra car, bike or van could also be your own vehicle as some people like to a have a sports car or classic car that they use on weekends.

But when applying for joint car insurance, the vehicle owners don’t necessarily need to be living at the same address. You could take out a policy with a family member or friend to simply save money by having a policy together.

Dual Car Insurance – What Are The Benefits?

Dual Car Insurance allows you to put more than two cars under the same insurance policy and there are several advantages including:

  • Bonus discounts
  • Mirrored no claims bonus
  • One single policy
  • Less admin
  • One renewal date
  • Add named drivers

There are bonus discounts available from the 30 insurance providers that we work with. By adding an extra car to your policy, it is like you are purchasing insurance in bulk so the insurer is happy to give you a discount. There are also introductory offers available, including a mirrored no claims bonus so that both cars can receive a discount of up to 80% provided the main driver has avoided making a claim for a number of years.

Another advantage is that you can put the second car on the same policy as your first car. So instead of having two separate policies and all the admin that comes with it, you are able to put everything under one account. This also means there is only one single renewal date each year and all the payments can be made together either in one lump sum or every month via direct debit, which is popular for shared accommodation.

The car owners can also be put on the policy as ‘named drivers’ meaning that they are legally insured to share the two cars. This is useful if you ever want to borrow the other car to pop to the shops or drive to a friend’s house.

2nd Car Insurance From Over 30 Insurance Providers

At Call Wiser, we offer 2nd car insurance quotes from over 30 different insurers in the UK. Whilst we can put the two cars on the same policy, what makes us special is that we can use different insurers on the same account.

So if the second car requires classic car insurance or belongs to a young driver, we can use a specialist insurer to get you the best price for that specific vehicle and driver.

There are several things that may affect the price of the additional car. This includes the size of the vehicle as bigger engines tend to demand higher premiums due to their increased speed and risk of being involved in an accident.

There is also the experience of the driver and whether they have had to make any claims in the past. Furthermore, the purpose of using the 2nd car is important as using the vehicle to commute to work in heavy traffic and busier times of the day will cause a higher premium compared to someone that drives only socially and domestically. So it is important to accommodate customers by comparing the rates for different insurers to get the best deal possible.

We are passionate about helping our customers get a policy that is tailored to their needs and at the most affordable price. We have several other add-ons that we include for new customers such as free breakdown cover, free claim assistance, free mobile phone, gadgets and handbag cover too.

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