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Modified Car Insurance

Over time, it has become more common for UK drivers to modify their cars to enhance the appearance or functionality. However, a modified car will require specialist insurance.

At Call Wiser, we can find you the most suitable quote, as we work with more than 30 leading insurers. You can call us on 0333 003 3270, seek a call back, or get an online quote via our website.

If you are a young driver, you might try to give your car a Pimp My Ride or Fast and the Furious-style makeover. More experienced on the road? Then you may give your car more functional tweaks - for example, through installing tracking devices or enhancing the braking.

However, all of this can increase the cost of your car insurance. This can be for several reasons. For example, repairing or replacing major parts can be pricier, turbocharged cars are more accident-prone, and cars beautified through modification may be likelier to be stolen.

Insurance for Modified Cars - Do I Need It?

It is legally necessary for you to have insurance for a vehicle if you are driving it on a UK road. This stays the case once you have modified a car. Still, if you will just be showing that vehicle without driving it on UK roads, you would be exempt provided you have a Statutory Off Road Notification.

If your car has any modifications, inform your insurer. Otherwise, your policy could be invalidated and so prevent you claiming for any damages that your vehicle picks up in a road accident.

Can I Add Modifications To My Existing Policy?

If you already have a car insurance policy, but would like to update it to take account of modifications you have made to the vehicle, then rest assured that doing so is quick and easy.

You would, however, need to be the main policyholder to make those changes. Get in touch with one of our advisors to let them confirm your details and the modifications.

What Modifications Require Specialist Modified Car Insurance Cover?

When you take out a standard policy for car insurance, that policy will only cover the manufacturer's original specifications for that car. Therefore, once the vehicle is modified, you may have to pay more for a policy that covers the changed specifications and so is valid for your car.

Especially common modifications which necessitate specialist insurance include:

  • Alloys - You might have replaced the car's default hubcaps or inner-wheels with metal alloys.
  • Satellite navigation system - This could be a bespoke solution for which you have changed the car's intricate electrical workings without seeking guidance or other help from the car's manufacturer.
  • Body kits - Have you changed elements of the vehicle's look - such as its front and rear bumpers, spoilers, side skirts, roof scoops or painted colour?

Modified Car Insurance - How To Reduce The Cost

Given how expensive insurance can be for modified cars, you might naturally be interested in learning how you could lower the cost. As with other forms of car insurance, premiums can be lower if you reduce the frequency of your driving, pay a higher excess or gain further driving qualifications.

However, select the right modifications, and your premiums could fall in this situation, too. While tuning your vehicle's engine or adding nitrous oxide will increase those premiums, they could actually fall if you add disability access or parking meters.

You can also lower insurance costs by reaching out to our team here at Call Wiser. We can compare multiple insurance policies from different insurers, thus saving you having to make separate visits to each of those companies' websites. Any policy sourced through us will also come with cover for your handbag, wallet, mobile phone or other gadgets. Free breakdown cover will also be included.

To get started, phone us on 0333 003 3270 or request to be called back the same day. For you, we can offer - at no charge - a no-obligation quote.


At Call Wiser, we have access to a number of specialist modified car insurance policies so we can help find the best quote for you. We understand that your car is your pride and joy which is why we are dedicated to helping you find the best level of cover at the best price.

Call us today for a free and no obligation quote on 0333 003 3270. Alternatively, you can request a call back and one of our friendly advisors in Andover, Hampshire will get in touch with you today.

Examples of car modifications include:

  • Alloys
  • Body kits
  • Paint job
  • Engine tuning
  • Tinted windows
  • Air conditioning
  • Parking sensors
  • Disability ramps
  • Satellite navigation systems
  • Entertainment & sound speakers

Modified Classic Car Insurance

If you are a seasoned car enthusiast and take pride in modifying classic cars, we can help you too. We work with insurance companies who specialise in modified classic car insurance. Whether the modifications are small or large, we will help you get the best deal available.

One thing to mention to the insurer is an ‘agreed value policy’ which considers that a classic car that has been modified might be worth more over time. Therefore, you can agree the value with the insurer who will pay out exactly what it is worth in the event of any accidents or damages.

Tell The DVLA About Major Modifications

If you have any major modifications to your vehicle that make it look completely different such as a new paint colour, you must register this information with the DVLA otherwise your MOT and insurance policy may be invalid. It is worth getting a report from the engineer or mechanic who did the changes, as you will need to show proof of this.

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