Legal Expenses Insurance

All car insurance policies with Call Wiser come with free legal expenses insurance, also known as LEI.

The benefit of having legal cover means that any legal fees involved with making a claim that wasn’t your fault can be covered.

In addition, having free legal cover gives you access to our helpline. So if you have any questions about legal cover or want some further information about making or defending a claim, speak to one of our advisors today on 0333 003 3270.

What is Legal Expenses Cover

Legal expenses cover allows you to cover any expenses if you have to go to court to make or defend a claim.

For road accidents that weren’t your fault, you can make a claim and try recover the costs from the insurance of the party at fault. However, for more serious claims, such as huge damages to your vehicle, personal injuries and loss of income, you may have to go to court with the guilty party to recuperate your costs.

One of the most common uses of legal cover is if your car was damaged by someone else, the cover will provide you with a replacement car whilst it is being repaired and will also follow up the guilty party and their insurer to cover the costs.

Other examples include defending a claim whereby another party tries to take you to court because of damages you have allegedly done. But if you are proven innocent, your legal cover will pay for any legal fees incurred.

Legal fees can cost huge amounts especially if you need to appoint solicitors, barristers and witnesses and take time off work to go to court. So having legal expenses cover is very useful to get the compensation you deserve and to have the peace of mind when you are taking legal action.

Legal cover is usually an add-on that you need to pay for when you purchase insurance, but fortunately legal cover is included with all Call Wiser policies, in addition to free breakdown cover from the RAC, mobile phone, gadget, handbag and wallet cover too.

What can Claim Assistance pay for?

  • Loss of earnings
  • Vehicle damage
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Extra compensation such as taxi fairs
  • Any clothing or personal articles destroyed or damaged
  • Policy excess if the accident is not the fault of the insured
  • Cost of a hire car whilst the insured’s vehicle is being repaired
  • Compensation for any injuries to the policyholder and their passengers

How we process Legal Expenses at Call Wiser

All legal expenses and claims are managed through our partner, Crusader Assistance.

So if you are making a claim and have an idea of your legal requirements, we will be able to pass you on to our experienced claims management partner.

Claimants are encouraged to provide as much proof as possible of their claim including photos or videos of the scene at the time of the accident. This will help strengthen your case as there needs to be solid proof that the incident was not your fault if you wish to claim legal cover. Details of the incident including the date, time and information about the other parties will be required too.

What is not covered by Legal Expenses Insurance?

  • Compensation awarded to a person or group that brings a claim against you
  • Expenses incurred prior to a legal team accepting the case
  • Costs resulting from motoring claims against you if you were drunk or under the influence or drugs, or if you were dishonest or violent
  • Fines imposed by a court for criminal or motoring offences

Legal Expenses Insurance - Terms and Conditions

In order to use legal cover successfully, there are various terms and conditions in place.

For instance, you need to have a solid case that the accident was not your fault. The legal team will only usually act for you if they believe that you have a reasonable chance of winning the case. Your claim will need to be approved by our partners before you can claim for legal cover. If they feel that the claim is not viable, for the reasons mentioned above, you may not be able to receive legal cover.

The size of the claim is also important. Some insurance companies will not take on a case if the amount you are trying to claim is lower than the legal fees involved. For instance, if you want to claim £250 worth of damages, but it may cost over £1,000 worth of legal fees, the insurance company will probably not provide legal cover in this case.

Finally, claimants are reminded that proceeding with a legal claim can take much longer than a standard claim. This is because a lot of time is required to assess the extent of a personal injury, visit solicitors and arrange a court date. If the claim regards covering the cost of the excess, this is more straightforward and may only take a few weeks to settle.

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