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Learner Driver Insurance & Provisional Insurance from Call Wiser

Whether you are learning to driver on your own car or the one that belongs to your parents, it is a legal requirement to have insurance when driving on UK roads. We work with over 30 leading insurance specialists to offer the best quotes for learner driver car insurance. Speak to an advisor today on 0333 003 3270.

Why Do Learner Drivers Need Car Insurance?

In the UK, you can get a provisional license when you are 17 years old and are recommended to do at least 47 hours of professional learning with a driving instructor and around 20 hours of private practice in order to pass. (Source:


There is nothing better than getting your first set of wheels and all the freedom that come with learning to drive your own car. But with all the hours that it takes to drive, you are still very inexperienced and pose serious risks to their vehicle and other parties.

With around 3,000 accidents a year caused by learner drivers, it is essential that proper insurance be in place to protect against any damages to the car, driver, passengers, pedestrians and other vehicles.

Driving schools and instructors will always have insurance in place, but because the new driver may be learning on their own car or practicing on someone else’s that they know, having cover is vital.

Above all, it is a legal requirement as the Continous Insurance Enforcement law states that every UK vehicle must have some kind of insurance to be on the road.

How Much Does It Cost

Some of the insurers we work with can provide insurance for learner drivers for as little as £2.50 per day. However, the price will depend on a number of factors.

Most importantly, insurers need to consider the size of the vehicle and which car insurance group that it belongs to. With 1-50 car insurance groups, if the new driver is learning on a model that is closer to 50, it is likely to be more high performance and therefore more expensive to insure because there are more risks that they will be involved in an accident.

By understanding which vehicle is being driven, the age of the drier, what times the student will be learning and in what area, our insurance providers will get an idea of risk and give you a quote accordingly.

The alternative is for the parent of the learner driver to add the child as a ‘named driver’ on their policy. Although this will probably increase the price of their own policy significantly as inexperienced drivers tend to raise the price of premiums.

Short Term Learner Drivers Insurance

Some learners will only require cover for a few weeks because they have been practicing for a long time and they have a test coming up. With this in mind, drivers can apply for a short-term car insurance or temporary provisional insurance to last only a few days, weeks or months. You will also have the flexibility to top up for longer if you need, but you will not be able to substitute this for an annual policy.

Once you have passed your test, your insurer will likely give you the option to refund your policy or give you a discount to extend it for a full year.

Our team of insurance experts is available by the phone in Hampshire, to answer any of your questions and help you get a competitive quote in minutes. We believe its better to talk so that we can get to know you and your requirements. You will be speaking to a fully trained and qualified insurance expert – so you know you are in good hands.

We encourage all correspondence to be handled by phone and email so that we can process your application quickly and get you insured in no time. All calls are free from UK landlines and mobiles so why not call us today on 0333 003 3270.


What Cover Is Available?

Learners have the option to drive their own vehicle or their parents’, siblings and friends’ cars too. The insurance for learner drivers is available in the form of:

  • Third party only
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Fully comprehensive

Third party is the minimum amount of cover you can legally drive with and covers any potential damages or repairs to other vehicles and pedestrians, with no way to claim for your own vehicle or personal injury.

The next step up is third party, fire and theft which is the same as third party only but also allows you to claim for repairs or replacement to the learner driver’s vehicle in the event of a fire or if it is lost or stolen.

Fully comprehensive policy is the most amount of cover you can obtain for a new driver. This lets you claim for any damages to other vehicles in the event of an accident and to your own vehicle too, as well as fire, flood and theft.

Historically, third party only was the cheapest form of cover but since several motorists only bought it because of its price, insurers have caught on and now there is very little difference in price between third party only and fully comprehensive policies.

At Call Wiser, we work with a number of insurers to help find the best policy and price for you. When speaking to one of our advisors, we will ask few questions and get a better idea of what you are looking for. Perhaps you are about to pass your test or maybe you are just starting to drive, either way, we have insurers that can offer policies for:

  • 28 days
  • 12 weeks
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

All policies from Call Wiser include free breakdown cover, claim assistance, handbag and wallet cover, mobile phone and gadgets cover too.

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