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We use Google to search for everything – from finding restaurants, holidays, news and now car insurance. Google have developed an engine to find competitive insurance quotes for UK motorists from 123 different providers.

You start by filling in the details about your vehicle, mileage, purpose of use, value and other details about your car and then you will be provided with a quote and the details of an insurer that can get you covered.

How Call Wiser Is Different

At Call Wiser, we are passionate about providing a more personal experience rather than an automated system. If you are looking for car insurance, we encourage you to speak to one of our friendly advisors on the phone on 0333 003 3270.

Every member you speak to will have a professional insurance qualification to provide you with the best information and quote possible. We are based locally in Hampshire and open 7 days week so why not call us for a free and no obligation quote?

We have over 30,000 active customers in the UK. By partnering with 30 of the leading insurance companies in the country, we are able to compare car insurance effectively – taking the best introductory bonuses and deals into consideration.

All new policies with Call Wiser not only come with a more trustworthy and personal approach, we also include free breakdown cover, claim assistance, handbag, wallet and mobile phone cover too.

How We Compare To Google

  Call Wiser Google
Same Day Quote Yes No
Personal Approach Yes No
Speak to an advisor 7 days a week Yes No
Based locally in the UK Yes No
Includes free breakdown assistance Yes No
Includes free claim assistance Yes No
Live Chat System Yes No
Automated System No Yes

What We Ask

When speaking to our insurance agents on the phone, we require a few basic details which allow us to give you a quote in just a few minutes. This includes:

  • Information about you – age, residence, employment and contact details
  • Driver information – number of drivers and their claim history
  • Vehicle information – model, make, age, value and modifications
  • Purpose of use – social, domestic or work

By speaking to you on the phone, we are able to ask follow up questions and get all the necessary information we need to provide you with a quick and effective quotation. Any documents can be sent by email or fax so that everything can get processed efficiently and you can get the best cover in no time.

What Cover We Offer

We offer all the car insurance cover to suit your needs and if you ever want to change your policy, you can simply give us a call. The following cover is available:

Third party only: This is the minimum requirement to drive legally on UK roads. This level of cover will provide compensation to any other individuals and their vehicles in the event of an accident you have caused, however, you will not be able to make claims on your own car or personal injuries.

Third party, fire, flood and theft: In addition to third party cover, you can claim for any damages or get a replacement if your vehicle is in a fire, flood, lost or stolen.

Fully comprehensive: This is the highest level of cover and includes third party, fire, flood and theft, but being fully comp, you also get to claim for any damages to your body or vehicle. This cover is not necessarily the most expensive as in the past, motorists would opt for third party only as it would be cheaper, but several insurers have caught on and now offer fully comp at a similar price.

What Else We Can Offer

Other than basic cover, we have policies for every kind of insurance – whether you want to add multiple drivers to the policy, classic car insurance or insure a bike or van, we have you covered.

Our advisors will look at a number of factors to get you the best premium policy. For example, we discuss the various security features that will make your car less likely to be stolen and bring the price down. We’ll also look at your level of excess to reduce the cost or even use a no claims bonus.

We are ready to take your calls, so phone us today on 0333 003 3270. All calls are free from a UK landline or use your mobile minutes. We also have a live chat system so that you can ask us any questions about a policy and you can receive an answer in just a few seconds. In short, we are personable, available and happy to help find the best policy for you.


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