Endsleigh Car Insurance

Endsleigh is one of the leading car insurance providers in the UK. The Cheltenham-based company was founded in 1965 by the National Union of Students which is why thousands of teenagers, students and young people contact Endsleigh to get motor, home and travel cover.

Customers must fill in their details on the site’s application form including information about themselves and where they live, their vehicle and various policy options. Once you have filled in this information, you will be given an online quote from Endsleigh and then you can choose to proceed with their cover.

Insurance advisors

Compare Insurance Policies With Call Wiser

At Call Wiser, we offer a more personal approach to traditional long online applications and automated decisions. We have a team of qualified insurance advisors who prefer to speak on the phone - so we can tailor a policy to meet your needs and give you the lowest price possible.

Rather than getting a quote from just one insurance company, we compare quotes from over 30 of the leading providers in the UK. So when we speak to you on the phone, we have access to more policies and can use different introductory rates and bonuses to get you the best deal.

All calls with Call Wiser are completely free from a UK landline, or you can call us on a mobile today on 0333 003 3270.

We have successfully provided over 30,000 policies to motorists in the UK and we are pleased to offer free breakdown cover from the RAC, Free claim assistance, mobile phone, handbag, wallet and gadget cover too.

How We Compare To Endsleigh

  Endsleigh Call Wiser
Compare quotes from several insurers Yes Yes
Speak to an advisor 7 days a week Yes Yes
Personal underwriting and decision Yes Yes
Free breakdown cover No Yes
Free claim assistance No Yes

Get The Lowest Prices For Young Drivers

At Call Wiser, we also have a lot of experience in reducing the cost of insurance for young drivers which is traditionally more expensive than the average motorist. This is because teenagers and students have less experience on the road and are more vulnerable to being involved in an accident and making a claim – sending their insurance premium soaring.

One of our methods is whether we can put an additional driver on your policy who is older and more experienced on the road, such as a parent. This will lower the price of the policy as it assumes that the older driver also shares the car with the young person and encourages them to drive safer as any claims could affect both premiums.

When assessing your quote, you will be required to provide your mileage from the previous year and this will be used as an estimate for the following year. The idea is that the more mileage you do, the more at risk you are of being involved in an accident.

However, if you drive less than intended, you shouldn’t have to pay the full amount. So if you are a young driver and sign up for black box insurance, you can install a little telematics box onto your dashboard which will monitor your mileage and also your turning and braking – so if you drive less and are a safe driver, your insurer will be notified and charge you less.

Other neat tips include adding safety features to your vehicle like an immobilizer so it is easier to find if stolen. Or perhaps putting a cover on your car overnight or keeping it in a garage, as it will be less attractive to thieves and less likely to be replaced.

You can also pay for your annual insurance in one lump sum which is 20% cheaper than paying in equal monthly installments.

A More Personal Approach From Call Wiser

Call Wiser offers a more personal touch when shopping for car insurance by encouraging customers to call them on the phone. By speaking to an advisor, we get to ask you follow up questions and present you with different options so that we can find you the best policy and price.

Once we have taken down your details over the phone and found you a competitive quote, we will send you some documents by email to sign and send back. We like to keep everything online and reduce the need to fill in and post off lots of paperwork. We try to make life easier and our efficient processes allow you to receive cover on the same day.

We are based locally in Hampshire and are available 7 days a week to assist you. If you do not wish to speak on the phone, we also have a basic form you can fill in and someone from our team will be in touch. You can also use our live chat facility to ask any questions and you will receive an answer in seconds.

Call Wiser is a trading name of Be Wiser Insurance Services Ltd. Registered in England No. 6097813. Be Wiser Insurance Services Ltd are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 465471

Call Wiser, Riverside House, 35-37 Bridge St, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 1BE, 0333 003 3270, general@callwiser.co.uk