Direct Line Car Insurance

Direct Line specialises in selling insurance and other financial services directly to consumers by telephone and the Internet.

The company was founded in Croydon in 1985 with one call centre and originally had 63 employees when it became the first UK insurance company to use the telephone as its main channel of communication.

Now, the group has grown into one of the largest insurers in the UK, winning a host of awards and regular presence on TV and radio. Its headquarters are based in Leeds with over 10,000 employees all over the country and provide 13,000 quotes daily.

What They Offer

Direct Line car insurance is provided directly to the driver and there are no other middlemen. UK motorists have the choice of a fully comprehensive policy which is the highest level of cover you can obtain. This covers your vehicle and personal injuries in the event of an accident and other vehicles, drivers and pedestrians too. You will also be covered for fire, flood and if your vehicle is stolen. Customers can also choose third party, fire and theft which is a cheaper version and will not cover any injuries or repairs to your own vehicle in the event of an accident.

The benefits of car insurance from Direct Line include:

  • Protected no claims bonus
  • Guaranteed hire car plus
  • Motor legal protection
  • Breakdown cover

The protected no claims bonus means that if you have not made more than one claim in the last 4 years, your discount of up to 80% will not be affected if you need to make a claim during the next year of cover – allowing you to keep your bonus in tact.

The guaranteed hire car refers to getting a replacement car for up to 21 days if you vehicle has been stolen or is having repairs done at one of their approved garages.

By having legal protection, you will be covered for any legal fees incurred if you have to go to court or take time from work to defend a claim that was not your fault. So provided that you are innocent in the final outcome, you will not have to pay for legal fees, damages and solicitor fees. For instance, if an uninsured driver hits you and it can be proven that it was not your fault, your insurance will pay for all damages, repairs and medical bills.

Breakdown cover is available from Direct Line through Green Flag to help if your vehicle has broken down on the side of the road. A mechanic will be sent to fix your car and help you get back on track.

Compare Insurance Quotes With Call Wiser

Despite the great benefits that Direct Line Car Insurance has to offer, a major disadvantage of dealing with a direct insurer is that they are only able to offer their own products. In comparison, Call Wiser will compare offers from over 30 leading UK insurance providers in order to recommend the best cover for your individual needs at a price that's right for you.

As part of our commitment to providing a personal service, we encourage all enquiries to be handled over the phone. By calling us on 0333 003 3270, you will speak to one of our warm and friendly advisors who will ask a few basic questions about you, your car and driving habits. We will then provide you with a number of quotes from our insurance partners and if you are happy to proceed, we will send you their paperwork online and you can get covered in 24 hours.

Our team is located in Andover, Hampshire and each advisor is fully qualified and certified in the insurance industry in order to give you the best advice and cover for your vehicle.

In addition to accessing several quotes and offers at once, all new customers from Call Wiser receive free breakdown cover, legal expenses cover, mobile phone, handbag, gadget and wallet cover too.

Discount for Young Drivers

A multi car insurance policy allows you to insure up to 10 vehicles on one policy and the idea is that because you are buying cover in bulk, you will receive a discount for every extra car you put on the account. There are additional benefits such as having one renewal date which makes payments and admin a lot easier. Also, if one person has to make a claim, it won’t affect everyone else’s no claims bonus.

At Call Wiser, one of the special features of our multi car policy is that we can use more than one insurer on your account. It is typical for the main driver such as the parent to also put their children and the grandparents under a multi policy. However, since drivers of different ages will have different levels of driving experience and vehicles, they may not get the best deal with just one insurer. Call Wiser can therefore use one insurer that specifically accommodates young drivers and another insurer for the grandpa’s classic car to make sure you get the best deal and this will help bring down the overall price significantly.

Direct Line Multi Car Insurance

Direct Line offer a 10% discount for young drivers insurance by using black box technology as a way to effectively monitor one’s speed, braking and mileage. The data should show that the driver is responsible and careful despite being under 25, and this should result in a cheaper premium.

At Call Wiser, we also provide black box insurance and work with specialist young driver insurers who are used to dealing with all kinds of requests and are able to get the lowest price possible for a teenager or new driver. We will make other suggestions too to bring down the price such as adding safety features to prevent the car from being stolen and recommending the Pass Plus Scheme which can reduce premiums by 30-40%.

For a free and no obligation quote, speak to one of our insurance advisors today on 0333 003 3270.

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