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Black Box Insurance

Are you paying too much for car insurance? Frustrated by high premiums? Do you use your car only once in a while? A little black box could be the answer to your problems.

Install a little black box in your car, prove that you are a safe driver and make huge savings on your car insurance. We work with over 30 leading providers to help get the best deal for you.

How Does It Measure Your Driving?

Mileage – how often you use the vehicle and how many miles you travel will be registered on the box. The more mileage you accumulate, the more you are at risk of an accident. So finding out exactly how much mileage you do each month will allow your insurer to give you the best premium possible, which could be lower than what you currently pay.

You are charged on the number of miles you drive and then you can top up your account, similar to a pay as you go mobile contract. This is why it is sometimes known as ‘Pay As You Drive Insurance.’

Speed – the technology measures your speed, acceleration, cornering and braking and compares this to the national average and speed limits in the areas you drive. Slower drives are deemed less risk of being involved in accidents – so the device will record this and pass on this information to your policy makers.

Times of day you drive – taking peak hours, daytime driving and hazardous roads into consideration, the black box can tell which drivers are deemed the least risk.

It is typically riskier to drive late at night or early in the morning so if the machine detects that you rarely drive during these times, your premium could be reduced.

Telematics Insurance – How Does It Work?

The black box is also known as a ‘telematics box’ which you simply put under your car’s dashboard or bonnet. It is only the size of an iPhone and is usually installed by your insurer in less than an hour. By using satellites and GPS, it tracks your driving and mileage – so by demonstrating that you are a safe and capable driver, this information will be fed back to your insurance provider who can reward you with a lower premium.

Car insurance quotes are usually based on assumptions based on your age, vehicle and claims history but a black box monitors your driving performance so insurers get a better reflection of your driving habits.

You can check your driving results on your insurer’s website whenever you want and each month your insurer will adjust your premium accordingly. Simple.

Trust Pilot

How Can a Black Box Save You Money?

Research carried by BIBA has shown that a black box insurance policy can help careful drivers save as much as 25% on their car insurance premiums.

By getting a more accurate reading of someone’s driving, there is potential to make a big saving on insurance. Some believe that simply having a box installed makes drivers more conscious of their driving and they will notably drive slower and safer in an attempt to lower their premiums.

Since drivers know that they will be rewarded for slower and more cautious driving, black boxes have reduced accidents by 20% since they were first introduced in the UK. So with less chance of a claim, insurers don’t feel the read to charge as much.

In addition, because the device acts a tracker, some insurers will automatically reduce the price of your policy because you are boosting the security features on your vehicle. So if your car is stolen, it should be easier to find and this could remove the need for making a claim. The advanced tracking can also potentially help you find out who was to blame in a collision, which can help you sort out a claim.

Who is it for?

Box Insurance is great for the most cautious and careful drivers who are looking to reduce the cost of their premium such as:

  • Slow drivers
  • Low mileage drivers
  • Daytime drivers
  • Older/experienced drivers
  • Drivers on empty roads with few hazards

However, installing this device is also useful for more high-risk drivers that want to reduce the cost of their premium by proving that are safe drivers including:

Black Box Insurance For Young Drivers

For young drivers under 25, the cost of car insurance is always above average. This is because young drivers are three times more likely to be involved in an accident. (Source: Association of British Insurers).

But despite this, several young drivers are capable of driving sensibly which is why getting a little black box installed can reward their good driving and allow them to pay less on their car insurance.

Black Box Insurance For New Drivers

New drivers of all ages are subject to higher premiums because they have no road experience and are yet to take advantage of a no claims bonus. So for new drivers looking to reduce the amount they pay on car insurance, the telematics box allows them to show how capable they are as drivers to get the best premium possible.

Compare Policies With Call Wiser

When shopping for black box insurance, it is important to compare the different policies provided by insurers. It should be noted that telematics technology may not be the most best option for every motorist. For example, those individuals that will unexpectedly do a lot of mileage in the next year may even see an increase in their insurance premium. Similarly, if you are a middle-aged driver and can use a no claims bonus, this might provide a much better saving.

At Call Wiser, we have a team of dedicated insurance advisors in Hampshire who are used to dealing with all kinds of drivers and their policies. We are passionate about finding you the best deal on your insurance and all new accounts will come with free breakdown cover, legal expenses, mobile phone and gadget cover too. Simply call today on 0333 003 3270.

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