AXA Car Insurance Available With Call Wiser

Call Wiser is a proud provider of AXA insurance products and our expert staff will help you compare policies and find the right one for you.

Call Wiser has negotiated some fantastic rates on a range of AXA insurance schemes, which we very are proud to provide as part of our increasingly extensive offering.

By speaking to our advisors on 0333 003 3270, we can help find the best policy for your car, bike or van. The best offer available may be through AXA but if not, we have access to hundreds of other policies through 30 top insurers that we teamed up with.

As a broker, you get to receive car insurance quotes from a number of providers, rather than just one single direct insurer. Plus, we have several introductory bonuses and offers available so whatever your age or vehicle, we can get you the best deal possible.

An added bonus is that all new customers with Call Wiser receive free breakdown cover, claim assistance, mobile phone, handbag and gadget cover too.

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About AXA Motor Insurance

The London based company dates back to 300 years when insurance began and has won a host of awards as a leading insurance provider, including The Sunday Times 25 Best Big Companies To Work For.

AXA was placed in the top 10 of best car insurance companies in the UK (Auto Express, 2015) so we are proud to offer their policies to our customers.

The company is also investing heavily in technology including driverless cars which could be the technology of the future.

The motor insurance policies from AXA include bonus features such as:

  • Uninsured driver promise
  • Courtesy car for up to 14 days
  • Wrong fuel cover

The ‘uninsured driver promise’ means that if an uninsured driver damages your car in an accident, you will be able to claim fully, not lose any of your excess or jeopardize your no claims bonus.

If your car is having parts repaired or replaced by one of their approved garages or perhaps your car has been lost of stolen, AXA will provide a courtesy car for up to 14 days.

The wrong fuel cover comes as standard with your fully comprehensive policy and will pay for any damages as a result of putting the wrong petrol into your vehicle. This could be due to a senior moment or one of your named drivers using the wrong gasoline.

How To Apply

To apply for car insurance with AXA is simple. Call Wiser is an independent broker in the UK and what makes us different is that we encourage you to call us to get a quote, rather than fill in a lengthy document or online form. By speaking to you, we can ask you additional questions and give you different options to make your policy as competitive as possible.

All quotes we provide are no obligation. Call us today on 0333 003 3270 to speak to a friendly advisor.

We require some basic information to get you a quote including details about the driver such as name, age, residence, occupation, number of drivers and driving history. We need to know the purpose of using your vehicle as driving to work everyday in busy hours will have different implications to someone just using their car on the weekends. Also, we will require information about the vehicle such as the annual mileage, model and make as more expensive cars with bigger engines may be at a greater risk of making a claim and will be subject to higher premiums.

We will start processing your application on the phone and if you are happy to proceed, we will send you some further documents by email to read through and complete. We try to limit the amount of paperwork and documents to post off so that we can reduce the hassle and get you insured as quickly as we can.

How We Can Save You Money

Our expert staff will always look at ways to save you money on your insurance. One of the most popular methods at the moment is to use black box insurance. This involves adding a telematics box, the size of a smart phone, to your dashboard and this will record your mileage, speed, braking and turning. If the data shows that you do less mileage and are a safe driver, the information will be fed back to your insurer who will reward you with a lower premium.

Other ways to save on your policy include adding security features to your vehicle, increasing your voluntary excess and paying for your annual policy in one lump rather than installments.

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