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Call Wiser works with over 30 of the UK’s leading insurance providers to help drivers find the best car insurance deals possible.

We have a range of covers to choose from and the flexibility to tailor make a policy that suits you. We have a number of proven ways to get the best deal for our customers including price comparison from leading insurers, discounts for safe drivers, multicar policies and using excess cover levels effectively.

We want to make things are easy and efficient for you as possible – keeping paperwork to a minimum and answering calls as quickly as possible.

All car insurance policies include:


24/7 free phone claims helpline


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What Cover Is Available?

Third Party Cover

Third party cover is the minimum legal requirement you need to drive on UK roads. It allows you to pay for damages inflicted on third parties including other drivers, pedestrians and property. So if you are involved in an accident which may have been your fault, having third party cover allows you to pay for any damages, repairs, legal or medical bills for other people.

Third party cover only covers the other people on the road that you come into contact with and will not pay for any damages or repairs on your own vehicle.

This level of cover is ideal for those vehicle owners that:

  • do low mileage each year
  • have a vehicle that isn’t worth much and might be easier to replace than repair
  • live in an area of high risk due to weather conditions or crime
  • have zero no claims bonus

Third party, Fire and Theft – The Next Level Up

This is similar to third party but there is additional cover for your vehicle in the event of a fire or your car is stolen. Again, this is ideal for those that do little driving every year.

This level of cover will still not pay out claims for any damages or repairs to your own vehicle. So if you have a crash, get a scratch on your car or are victim of vandalism, you will be required to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket.

Fully Comprehensive

Fully comprehensive or ‘fully comp’ is the most level of cover you can receive and it can actually be the cheapest too. This covers your vehicle for all damages, repairs and replacements to third parties and your vehicle too. So in the event of an accident, fire, theft, flood or other peril, a fully comprehensive policy has you covered.

The reason that fully comprehensive can sometimes be the cheapest is because some insurers have noticed that high-risk drivers like young drivers or those with a large claims history have been opting for just third party cover because it is cheaper. However, there are still huge risks involved, so it makes sense that the price for third party and fully comprehensive have become quite similar.

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