Multi Bike Insurance

Multi Bike Insurance allows you to insure more than one motorbike on the same policy and save money when you do so. Call Wiser compares the best Multi Bike Insurance policies in the UK for all motorcycles, scooters and mopeds.

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Compare Multi Bike Insurance with Call Wiser

Call Wiser offers a great way to do a comparison for Multi Motorcycle Insurance policies. Motorbikes are something that we are very passionate about.

We proudly work for over 30 of the leading bike insurance companies in the UK, which means that we compare a number of different deals when trying to get you the best quote possible.

When it comes to getting the best price for Multi Bike Insurance, our staff will look at the exact models of the bikes that you own. We compare the cost of a separate policy against a multi bike policy to ensure that you are definitely getting the best deal.

All bike insurance policies include:


Helmet & leathers cover


Mobile and gadget cover


Breakdown cover


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Cover up to 5 motorbikes on one policy

A multi bike insurance policy allows you to insure up to 5 motorcycles on one single policy and receive a cheaper premium than you would to insure them individually.

Multi Bike Insurance is ideal for motorcycle owners that own a collection of bikes at home. The idea is that you only ride one of these bikes at any given point whether it’s commuting to work or for leisure purposes, and the other bikes are left at your home where there are covered against fire, flood, theft or accidental damage.

This means that multi bike insurance may not be suitable for a household where there are numerous of motorcycle owners who are looking to be on the road at the same time. This is how it differs to a multi car insurance policy that would allow you and your family to have several cars and drive them at the same time.

The advantages of applying for Multi Bike Insurance with Call Wiser

By putting all your bikes into one single policy, you have the benefit of only having to fill in one application, complete one set of paperwork and dealing with one insurance company.

No need to manage lots of paperwork and payments with a number of insurers, you can save a lot of time and money by applying for Multibike Insurance cover with Call Wiser.

There is also the advantage of having one renewal date at the end of the year with just one company rather than having to manage multiple dates from different companies. However, when your renewal date approaches, we will see if there are any other policies available that will allow you to do even better on your current deal.

We can help you protect your no claims discount on all your bikes so if you can avoid making claims, you will be eligible for a greater discount on your insurance premiums year upon year.

In addition, if you successfully purchase your insurance through Call Wiser, you will receive free breakdown cover, free claim assistance, handbag and gadgets cover on your vehicle too.

What determines the price of your multi bike insurance?

When assessing the price of your policy, insurers look at the risks involved with insuring your vehicles. When finding you the best premium on your bikes, there are several factors that can affect price:

Insurance group – Bikes belong to different insurance groups based on their size and spec. For instance, a 50cc scooter will not require as much cover as a high spec 1000cc Kawasaki. So when we process your level of cover, we will consider what group your bikes are in. If you have one very high-spec bike, it may increase the cost of insuring the others or bring the average cost down. This is how we can help find the right policy for you.

Number of bikes – How many bikes you wish to put on your policy will impact price. Usually, the more bikes you insure on your policy, the lower you will pay per bike.

Security – Having sufficient security features in place will certainly bring down your premium. By keeping your bikes in a garage and having proper alarms installed will mean that your collection is at a lower risk of theft and your premium will be better to reflect this.

Age and experience of driver – We always need to confirm the age and experience of the rider. Typically, those drivers with more road experience and the least claims history are eligible for the best premiums.

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