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Electric Bike Insurance

Electric bicycles are a great way to get around town and there are bonuses like not having to pay for petrol and find parking is easy. To make sure your electric bike is protected against damages or theft, Call Wiser can help you find the best electric bike insurance quotes in the UK.

Electric Bikes without insurance

According to, an electric bike does not require insurance if it has the following criteria:

  • Rechargeable battery, no engine
  • Weighs less than 40kg
  • Motor’s output is less than 200 watts
  • Maximum speed is 15mph

Electric bikes with these characteristics can include two-wheeled bicycles, tandems, tricycles and scooters. They are known as ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’ (EAPCs) and they look exactly like a bike except that they are battery powered which means that they the driver does not have to pedal.

These types of bikes cannot be driven on the road and therefore do not require the individual to have a license, road tax or insurance. In the UK, electric bicycles of this nature can be used starting from the age of 14.

Insurance for Electric Bicycles, motorbikes, scooters or mopeds

For electric bikes that are heavier than 60kg and have more than 400 watts, they are likely to be electric motorbikes, scooters or mopeds. These vehicles can be used on the road and are very popular for people to use when commuting to work or for leisure purposes.

By having a rechargeable battery, the bikes don’t use any petrol or emit any carbon emissions so they are very economical and friendly for the environment. Electric bike batteries take around 6 to 8 hours to fully charge but a silicon battery can be used for up to 9,000 miles and a lithium phosphate battery can last for around 55,000 miles – which shows how economical they truly are.

But with electric bikes ranging in price from £500 to £6,000, it is an investment so it is important to have insurance in place to cover the cost of any repairs or damages, especially if you use your electric bike to travel to work every day.

In addition, if you are driving on the main roads, you must have insurance in place by law or failing to do so can lead to a hefty fine and penalty points.

To see if your type of electric bicycle can be used on the road and what type of insurance you require, visit this link.

Finding the Best Insurance Policy for You


At Call Wiser, we work with a number of electric bike insurers so that we can find a policy that is tailored to your needs. The cover we offer protects your electric bike if lost or stolen and against any repairs or damages to your vehicle and other third parties.

If you want to use your electric bike abroad, touring or have custom-built parts, we can add this to your policy too.

Insurance for Electric Bikes should not be as expensive as regular motorbike insurance because electric vehicles don’t go as fast. Therefore, there is a lower chance of being involved in an accident. So at Call Wiser, we do our best to assess the different discounts and deals available to get you the best price.

What is special about Call Wiser is our customer service. We strongly believe that there is nothing like a phone call that allows you to get all the information you need. As a result, we have a large team of insurance experts in our head office in Andover, Hampshire who are waiting by the phone for you call.

We will require some basic details about you, your driving experience and your vehicle so that we can provide you with a free and no obligation quote today. If you prefer, you can always apply online by filling in a few basic details and someone from our team will call you back to day.


Useful information

To use an electric bike in the UK on the road as if it were a regular motorbike, there are certain things you must complete:

  • A Compulsory Basic Training Course (CBT) must be completed lasting a day and costing around £120
  • A provisional or full driving license
  • Register your vehicle with the DVLA
  • Wear a helmet when on the road
  • Pay tax for your vehicle, although this is usually free for electric bikes
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