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Online Quote from Call Wiser

Please have the following information to hand to help speed up your online quotation:

  • Personal details of each driver to be insured
  • Details in full of the motorcycle(s) to be insured
  • Claims or convictions details for each driver
  • No Claims Bonus details (if applicable)

Before proceeding please carefully read the following information and confirm the conditions are correct:

  • The rider(s) is a permanent resident of the United Kingdom.
  • The rider(s) does not have more than one occupation.
  • The rider(s) is legally entitled to drive the motorcycle in the UK.
  • The rider(s) has a valid licence.
  • Riders do not have medical conditions which must be legally disclosed to the DVLA.
  • Riders do not have non-motoring convictions unspent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act e.g. theft, dishonesty, or fraud.
  • No rider has ever had insurance refused, cancelled, voided, or special terms imposed on any insurance policy.
  • Modification have not been made to the motorcycle in any way from the manufacturer's standard specification.
  • The motorcycle is not registered as a Q plate.
  • The motorcycle is owned by you registered in your name.
  • You will kepp the motorcycle at your home address.
  • The excess payable for Helmet & Leathers is £50.00. A maximum of £1000 will be paid out.
  • You are only covered for Personal Accident between the ages of 18 and 70.
  • Roadside Assistance cover will start 48 hours after date of purchase. Only the specified bike will be covered.
  • Leather clothing, helmet, boots and gloves are covered up to the value of £1,000. If your clothing is beyond repair due to a motor accident, the same form or style will serve as a replacement.
  • Personal Accident cover is also included for death, loss of limb, loss of sight, disablement as a result of the accident (up to £10,000). Plus £250 for emergency dental cover.
  • Helmet & Leathers and Personal Accident cover is underwritten by Fortis.
  • Roadside Assistance cover is for anywhere in the UK (Excluding Northern Ireland), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, over ¼ of a mile from home address.
  • Repair referral and free tow to an approved garage (within 10 miles). You will get priority attention.
  • If the vehicle cannot be repaired then taxi fares up to 20 miles from the breakdown will be covered.
  • You may be contacted by us as part of the quotation process as further discounts and benefits may apply.

Helmet & Leathers policy wording available here.

It may be that you cannot comply with these criteria. If this is the case please call us on 0333 003 3270 and we will be happy to assist you.

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