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Whether your bike is ridden regularly, during the summer, or just once or twice a year, our trained advisors are on hand to find a great level of classic bike insurance cover that’s tailored to your needs, and your budget.

For classic and vintage motorbikes, we realise that they are more than just a means of transport; they are your passion and a thing of beauty. This is why we are committed finding the best quote for your classic motorcycle. Working with over 30 of the top motorcycle insurers in the UK allows us to compare the discounts and deals available so that we can find you the best policy and price.

With free breakdown cover, helmet and leathers cover and claim assistance as standard, it’s no surprise that we’ve become one of the UK’s fastest growing insurance brokers.

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Whether it’s a Triumph, Norton or Royal Enfield, the classic bike insurance age is typically 20 years old, although some insurers state that the vehicle can qualify if it is 15 years old and others say it has to be at least 25 years old. For those younger than 20 years, they may fall into the ‘modern classic’ category.

To be eligible for Classic Bike Insurance, it is preferred that your bike is not used to cover long distance such as commuting to work or long trips. The policies are heavily based on limited annual mileage because classic motorbikes are mostly used for social and leisure purposes. Therefore, if you plan to cover great distances on your vintage bike, you could be better off applying for regular bike insurance.

How to get the best Classic Bike Insurance quote

Fortunately, Classic Bike Insurance quotes tends to be cheaper than general car or bike insurance because classic bike owners are known for taking better care of their vehicles than other motorists. Other ways to get the best premium possible include:

Vehicle model and condition

The state of the classic bike will impact the quote and premium that you pay. Insurance companies will give better rates to those owners who maintain their vehicles to a high standard.

Whether the vehicle has had modifications added to it may increase the value of the bike but make it more expensive to insure and replace key parts.

Purpose of the vehicle

The annual mileage carried out by the vehicle is very important as insurers consider that the more you drive the vehicle, the more likely you may be involved in an accident or need to replace parts.

If you use your vehicle for show purposes and it’s never on the road, you can take out a ‘storage-only policy’ to provide cover in the event of damages whilst its in transit.

But if the vehicle is only kept in your garage and it doesn’t leave the house, you may not even require insurance provided that you have a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) in place.

Adding security features

Insurers offer the best rates when the vehicle is kept in a safe place. Making sure the alarm works, covering the motorbike and storing it in your garage will certainly bring down the cost.

Agreed valuation policy

An ‘agreed valuation policy’ allows you agree with the insurer beforehand the exact value of the classic motorbike, which may be more than market price due to its condition and any modifications. Agreeing this value is very useful so that you can receive full compensation in the event of the theft or fire.

More than one classic car to insure?

If you have more than one classic car and only ride one at a time whilst the other sites in the garage, it could be cheaper to get Multi Bike Insurance. This involves insuring more than one vehicle and getting a discount for doing so under one policy.

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