Windscreen Insurance Cover

Available with most motor policies - only £35

Most people have been in a situation where you’re driving along a road getting on with your day when a vehicle coming in the opposite direction kick up a small stone or even grit from the road and it smashes directly into your windscreen. Generally, this will create a chip in the windscreen which as a standalone issue isn’t a huge problem unless you leave it untreated. Untreated chips soon turn into a serious crack.

It’s a common issue and as a result, many insurers will include an option to add on windscreen/glass insurance onto your car insurance policy. With Call Wiser, windscreen insurance cover is £35 and you can find more details on what that covers in the policy documents below.

The Policy

Cover is provided for reimbursement costs (up to the value of £500) incurred to replace broken windscreen or other motor vehicle glass.

What's Included?

  • Reimbursement costs for Windscreen.
  • Windscreen damage to such an extent that it could result in the vehicle failing its MOT.
  • Cost covering damage to other glass in the vehicle (i.e. windows).

Conditions & Exclusions:

  • An excess of £25 applies to repair the front windshield following chip damage that if left would spread and later fail the MOT.
  • An excess of £70 applies to repair the when our recommended vehicle glass replacement company is used to replace your motor vehicle windscreen or glass.
  • An excess of £120 applies to any claim when you choose to use an alternative vehicle glass replacement company to that recommended by us.
  • No cover is provided for sunroofs, panoramic windscreens, and glass sections of folding or removable roofs, winding mechanisms, lights, reflectors or interior glass.
  • Claims where the insured vehicle is being used for pace making, racing, speed testing or reliability trials, hiring or whilst the insured vehicle is being used and/or driven on any race track or circuit or any other prepared course.

Policy Wording:

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