What is Excess Protection Insurance?

Available with most motor policies

Excess Protection Insurance is an additional coverage available on car insurance or other vehicle insurance. When taking our a policy, you will have agreed with the insurer how much excess you will have to pay in the event of a claim. Some policies will have a £0 excess, but others can extend up to and over £1000.

A majority of people will choose a higher excess amount as this will generally decrease the cost of your insurance. In the event of you being involved in an accident and it is your fault, you will be required to pay this excess amount to claim on your policy. This is where excess protection insurance comes in.

Do I Need Excess Insurance?

Ultimately this comes down to whether you can honestly afford unannounced to pay your excess in the event of an accident. Where a lower excess could generally be manageable, the higher excess amounts could be tricky and leave you in financial difficulty, an additional worry which you won’t need after having an accident.

Excess Insurance is available as an add-on to your car insurance quote with Call Wiser and you could be surprised at how low the cost could be to cover it. We’ve detailed below excess protection insurance policy details and how much it costs. You can even add on excess cover for when you’re driving hire cars.

Looking for more information on excess in general? Check out our full guide here.

The Policy

  • Excess Protection allows you to claim back your excess following a fault accident.
  • Excess can be claimed back following the settlement of a claim.
  • You can also add a Hire Car to your policy for a combined overall saving.
  • You can protect different levels of excess to suit your needs, as shown below:
Select Cover Price Hire Car Price Combined Price of Excess Protection
and Hire Car
£ 300 £ 35 £ 35 £ 60
£ 500 £ 60 £ 35 £ 90
£ 750 £ 85 £ 35 £ 110
£ 1000 £ 110 £ 35 £ 140

Policy Wording:

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Two car smash with drivers inspecting the damage

Conditions & Exclusions:

  • Customers must hold a full licence and be over the age of 18 years old in order to claim on this policy.
  • Cover is excluded for any vehicle used in connection with the motor trade.
  • Cover is excluded in any competition, trial, performance test, race or trial of speed, including off-road events, whether between motor vehicles or otherwise, and irrespective of whether this takes place on any circuit or track, formed or otherwise, and regardless of any statutory authorisation of any such event.
  • Excludes any claim notified to Crusader more than 31 days following the settlement of the claim.
  • Excludes any claim where the excess has been waived or reimbursed.
  • Claims that are refused by your motor insurer are excluded.
  • Also excludes any claim arising from glass repair or replacement.

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