University students – Are your contents covered?

15th September 2015

As a student about to embark on your first year of university there are endless to-do lists of things to plan, buy and pack. Perhaps the furthest thing from your mind is insurance.

It is stereotypical to think that students have fewer needs when it comes to insurance, in fact many students have a large amount of valuables at risk. From smartphones, laptops, TV’s to designer clothes and bicycles, often students are left out of pocket when items are lost, stolen or damaged when inadequate insurance is in place or non-existent.

How to insure yourself

There are several options available to students to cover your items whilst away from the family home. Most home insurance policies contain cover for family members’ contents whilst studying away from home however; this cover varies greatly depending on the provider and can contain strict warranties and conditions for the policy to be effective.

The alternative for students is to find yourself an individual contents insurance policy. Whilst purchasing a separate policy comes with additional costs it also allows you to set your own limits to ensure that your possessions will have enough cover. Keeping the policy separate from the family home policy also means your parents no claims discount will not be affected should you need to claim.

Call Wisers student insurance checklist

For any student concerned about their insurance cover, we have complied a checklist to help you keep on top of your policy:

  1. Check for existing insurance cover - Family policies, landlords or halls of residence insurance may already cover your needs, it’s best to check this first as it may already provide you with the cover you need.
  2. Check for policy limits and exclusions - Just because a policy already covers you doesn’t mean it will cover ALL of your needs. Often items like bikes and instruments will not be covered as standard. Insures may include warrantees for you to abide by in order for cover to be effective; ensuring your door is locked whenever you vacate the premise is common in all contents policies.
  3. Check the policy period of insurance - Some policies may only cover you in term time, this could leave you vulnerable if you leave your items in your accommodation over the holiday periods.
  4. Do you need a separate policy - Does your existing cover fall short? If so you may be better off getting a separate policy which you can customise to suit your needs.
  5. Keep a copy of your insurance policy - Whilst some landlords may request proof of your insurance, it’s also best practice to keep your policy documents to hand, not least incase you need to make a claim.
  6. Self-insure - Some items simply can’t be insured. Laptops can be replaced but the data on them can’t. Get into the routine of backing up data or set up an cloud based storage system to ensure your data is never lost.
  7. Prevention is better than a cure - Loosing an item, being a victim of theft or damaging a valuable all come with added stress. Taking precautions to minimise the chance of you suffering a loss is definitely worth the time. Ensuring valuables are locked away, your door is kept locked and reducing the amount of cash you have lying around are all easy ways to reduce your chance of suffering a loss.

If you have any further tips or have encountered difficulties whilst trying to insure your student belongings, leave a comment in the section below:

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