Storm Abigail may only be the beginning of the Wild Winter Weather

13th November 2015

Storm Abigail has brought snow, showers and gale force winds to the Northern parts of the UK, but it could only be the start of a season of turbulent weather.

It is the first UK storm deemed extraordinary enough to be given its own human name. The storm has brought lightning strikes and wind speeds have been recorded at up to 80mph across the Western Isles of Scotland.

So far Storm Abigail has already disrupted power to 12,000 properties and as of today engineers from SSE Power Distribution has to restored power to a majority of customers with just 1,300 without power. A majority of the ferry services between the Western Isles have also been either disrupted or cancelled.

Motorists are also being alerted of the dangers while driving through Storm Abigail. A spokesman from the RAC has warned: “Strong, sudden gusts of wind can be very dangerous for motorists driving in exposed areas so we are urging motorists not to be caught out by Storm Abigail. The invisible force of the wind can lead to vehicles unexpectedly being knocked off course, sometimes with devastating consequences. Drivers should particularly be ready to compensate for the effects of wind hitting their vehicles when passing lorries.”

Through to the weekend the strong winds will die down but the heavy rain is due to follow. The brunt of the rainfall is due to hit Wales and the border region between England and Scotland. The course of Storm Abigail was shown in satellite animation by the Met Office.

The Worst Weather is yet to come

The project to “name our storms” has been introduced by the Met Office and Met Eireann. The project hopes that by naming storms there will be greater awareness, therefore promoting greater safety during exceptional weather. The idea was sparked from the public recognition given to the storm the media dubbed the ‘St. Judes day storm’ which affected southern England in October 2013.

The scheme to name storms comes in conjunction with the prediction that the weather in the upcoming months may be similar to the winter of 2009 to 2010, in which the UK was buried in snow.

The winter of 2009 to 2010 was particularly snowy because of the intense El Nino that occurred that year. The El Nino releases warm air into the atmosphere which causes the polar jet stream to drift further south across the UK. The El Nino this year is predicted to be the strongest since 1950 and that year was one of the coldest winter since records began.

However weather is always unpredictable. The winter of 2009 to 2010 was caused partly because of Sun oscillation which reduced temperatures worldwide.

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