5 Tips to Save Money on Fuel Consumption

13th March 2018


With fuel prices averaging at 120.0p/122.8p for unleaded and diesel respectively, fuel is expensive, so we’ve put together our top tips to help you lower your fuel consumption and save money.

  1. Shop Around – This first tip is one often forgotten by drivers, and likely one of the most important. Currently PetrolPrices.com are holding the averages as noted above around 120.0p per litre of unleaded, but across the UK this can be as low as 108.7 and as high as 141.9p per litre, so shopping around can save you a lot of money when you consider how many times you’re filling your tank across a year.

    Petrol Prices is a great tool, free to join, and they compare the costs across over 8000 forecourts across the country almost daily. Stick in your postcode, and you’ll get a map showing your nearest petrol stations, and the costs per litre of different fuels.

  2. Check Your Tyres – If your tyres are not at optimal pressure, you could be increasing the drag on your car, which in turns means the engine must work harder to get your car moving. Regularly check your tyres are at the correct pressure, and your fuel efficiency could increase up to 3%.

  3. Empty Your Boot – We’re all guilty of it; throwing something in the boot and forgetting about it until the time comes to clean the car. However, for every 50KG of added weight to the car, your fuel efficiency decreases further by as much as 2%. Only store things you need for a long period of time, and you’ll save money on fuel.

  4. Money Draining Acceleration – The harder you press the accelerator, the more fuel your using, it really is as simple as that. Accelerating slowly reduces the strain on the engine, so it uses less fuel, and chances are you’re going to reach your destination at the same time you would of speeding away to have to brake again suddenly.

  5. Coasting: Not a tip, a warning! – Our final tip is a very common one, and most people have heard that coasting your car can save you fuel, however it is also very dangerous, and you should not do it. Coasting reduces your ability to control the car, especially in the event of a sudden hazard, and controlling the car during turns. Technically it could save you fuel, but if you can’t stop suddenly, your excess on a claim will far outweigh the fuel savings.

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