How to make sure your prized possessions are protected

19th Feburary 2018


What are your most treasured possessions? It's a highly personal question, and one that could elicit a very different answer from you than from even a close relative. This has been illustrated well in a survey reported by the Daily Star last year; women strongly valued children's artwork and baby clothes, while men were more concerned about their car and laptop.

Exactly what your own prized possessions are can influence how you should look after them. Here is how you could keep them safe - or replace crucial items if they are damaged, lost or stolen.

A top tip to prevent an unwelcome drip

According to research mentioned by, just 38% of us are adequately preserving possessions against water damage - whether those items have financial or sentimental value.

This is especially concerning for households with crucial paper documents. It would be good practice to routinely keep such documents in plastic pocket sleeves that can help prevent them becoming moist or torn. Legal or financial documents should be kept even safer in a fireproof container.

Put in time to try preventing crime

Assuming that you aren't psychic, it wouldn't be practically possible for you to always stop theft or vandalism happening to your house. Still, should your area's crime rates be disconcertingly high, you could help yourself counter risks by fitting security lights and burglar alarms. Another idea is to join a neighbourhood watch scheme in your area.

Securely back up digital photos and documents

Photos were particularly high on the lists of each gender's most valued possessions mentioned by the Daily Star - whether those were images of the family, deceased relatives or friends, a significant other, or the owner's childhood.

You probably have many such images stored on a computer at home. However, as you can't completely scotch the possibility of the computer itself being stolen or damaged beyond repair, you should make sure you have backups of those photos in a range of formats.

Check that you have adequate insurance

If all of your valued items are insured, you can at least take heart that they could be more easily repaired or replaced from a financial point of view. However, various insurance matters can be too easily overlooked. For example, in the survey mentioned by the Daily Star, a mere 27% of respondents admitted that each of their items was actually insured.

Furthermore, just 34% of couples had considered increasing their home insurance's value when moving in with a significant other. Meanwhile, only 15% of respondents said that they had all of their home insurance documents safely kept in a single place in case they required them.

Insurance can prove especially useful for particularly pricey items, like vehicles. Fortunately, there are ways of insuring them without giving yourself too much bewildering paperwork. For example, multi bike insurance would enable you to insure numerous bikes under just one policy. Click the link to learn how, at Call Wiser, we can assist you in selecting an especially financially worthwhile policy.

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