How to Protect Your Second Home Whilst Unoccupied

18th January 2018

Insuring your second home will provide peace of mind.

If you have a second home, it’s likely that its unoccupied throughout certain parts of the year. Many people have a second home and use it for being closer to the family when visiting, or perhaps a getaway destination or holiday home when life calls for a well-deserved break.

Having second home insurance whether your additional property is in the UK or abroad is an absolute must as this will can cover you against theft, damage, fire, flood and an array of other circumstances. Most importantly, it can cover you during the long periods of time where the property is unoccupied.

You can also take some steps to help secure your home whilst away and we’ve put together a brief guide including some tips on protecting your second home.

Basic Security Measures

  • Locks – Whilst away from the property ensure that all of your windows and doors are locked and are adequate in strength to help prevent anyone forcing a way in.
  • Alarms – Having a burglar alarm installed acts as protection and also prevention. A visible alarm is likely to deter any would-be thieves from trying break into the property. Set your alarm every time you leave the house.
  • Lights – A great deterrent to potential burglars is lighting, and this includes security lighting which activates whenever someone comes near the property, and also leaving lights on to make it look as if someone is home.
  • Valuables – Thieves want to steal things small in size or easy to carry so they can make a quick getaway. Keep valuable items such as TV’s, games consoles and computers out of sight and away from windows. Failing this, draw the curtains so no one can see in.

These are basic security measures that could help protect your second home from potential break-ins. Ultimately each acts a deterrent or prevention tool to stop thieves from breaking in. These will not prevent damage to your home through fire, flood and other environmental factors. Any damage to the property during a break-in can also not be prevented, so having second home insurance is absolutely crucial to prevent hefty bills in the event that something goes wrong.

Additional Security Measures

As well as the basics of home security, there are lots of additional prevention methods you can use to protect an unoccupied home, some of these include:

  • Timed Lighting – Nifty devices such as timer switches and plugs can have your lights turning on and off at set times during the day or night. This makes it appear as if someone is home.
  • Redirecting Post – One of the biggest clues to whether a home is empty or not is a pile of letters on the doormat. As it’s your second home, the post should be limited but it may well be worth having a redirection put in place, or alternatively have a trusted neighbour collect it.
  • Neighbours – We mentioned neighbours above and they can go a long way in helping keep your home secure. You can ask them to park a car in your driveway whilst you’re away, keep the lawn under control and of course as mentioned collect your post. Obviously only use a trusted neighbour if you’re allowing access to your home. In general, you can ask them to just keep an eye on things.
  • Upgrade Your Security – In recent years we’ve seen technology advance security solutions dramatically and now an array of options exist to keep your home secure. You could look at a video/motion sensor system which alerts your mobile phone to movement and lets you view a live stream through cameras within the house. Another is a video controlled

Make Sure You’re Covered by Insurance

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