The Ultimate Playground Slide

28th June 2016

Los Angeles

The residents of LA have recently found themselves with a new attraction, in addition to the Hollywood sign and Chinese Theatres, in a local skyscraper. For $25 the U.S. Bank Tower in La will allow you up their 1,018 foot skyscraper to view what they call their Skyspace, which overlooks the city.

For an additional $8 they will also let you ride their glass slide. Armed with a rug you will slide down one floor on the outside of the building contained in a glass container.

For those of you who are unsure about sliding down a tube of glass at over a 1000 feet above the streets of LA, think again. The slide has been built to be strong enough to withstand both hurricanes and earthquakes. The tempered glass is 1¼ inches thick and has been chemically strengthened, making it as strong as steel. In fact the glass is actually strong enough to carry a school bus full of children.

The slide costs as much as a rollercoaster. With a total bill of $3.5 million we can only hope the attraction brings enough enjoyment for everyone.

1 In 5 Motorists Could Be Driving Uninsured

New research from the RAC has discovered that approximately 18% of all motorists would not disclose new driving convictions to their insurer. This means that across the whole of the UK there could be as many as up to 7 million drivers on the road without valid insurance cover.

Faulty Appliances Cause Over 3,000 Fires Every Year

Between 2013-2014 there was 13,300 house fires caused by appliances, attributing to 64% of all accidental fires in dwellings. The most common source of house fires in the UK originate from cooking appliances, accounting for 52% of all accidental fires, often because they are left unattended.

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