Dash cams a must have for British motorists

6th November 2015

Dashboard cameras are becoming increasingly common in the UK. British motorists are realising the potential of these handy devices as a means of saving money on their car insurance.

Dash cams appear as a practical tool you should never drive without, especially with so many dodgy drivers on our roads.

Dash cams are essential in providing unquestionable proof to which motorist is at fault in an accident. This could mean it could save your excess, your no claims bonus and maybe even your car. Even if you are sure that the accident was not your fault the other driver involved may think exactly the same, cases like these could end up going to court; just having a dash cam as cheap as £20 could end up saving you thousands.

Vidur Gupta, pictured, used his dash cam to win an insurance claim .

“The other driver was trying to turn left without queuing in the filter lane like everyone else. He took the corner too sharply and hit me. At the scene of the accident, the driver told me he would not accept fault and he would tell his insurance company the same.”

Thanks to his dash cam Vidur was able to prove that the accident was not his fault and the claim was settled.

‘Crash for Cash’

Dash cams are not only valuable in claiming from risky drivers, but they can also undermine the efforts of insurance scammers.

The Insurance Fraud Bureau states that insurance scams are costing around £400m a year . Aviva, which insures one in ten cars in the UK, detected about 820 simulated accidents in 2013, which was a 51% from the year before.

Research, carried out by the RAC, says that 71% of drivers think that introducing in-board cameras would help prevent ‘crash for cash’ scams . Roughly one in four motorists already has some form of in-car camera installed; of these 59% said it was to record the events of an accident and 21% said it was specifically for use against insurance scammers.

‘Crash for Cash’ scams are committed by individual criminals but more commonly by organised gangs. 15,000 fraudulent claims were detected by Aviva in 2014, 6,000 of these were motor injury claims linked to known fraud rings.

Fraudulent motor claims can occur anywhere but there are areas where it is more common than others. As pictured, the top ten postcodes they could occur are located in just three towns: Bradford, Birmingham and Bolton.

If you are living or you are a commuter to any of these locations it would be highly recommended to install a dash cam so you are not caught out.

A spokesman from the Association of British Insurers explained that ‘dashboard cameras can provide a record of an accident, helping insurers to deal with claims quickly and efficiently.’ More insurers will now accept dash cam footage as a means of getting to the bottom of an accident.

Pete Williams, head of external affairs at the RAC, stated: “Accident cameras or in-car cameras are commonplace in some countries where unscrupulous driving practices are a more regular occurrence.”

Dash Cams in Russia

In February 2013 the Chelyabinsk meteor was captured on numerous videos from a variety of angles, most of which were dash cams. It became one of the most well documented meteor strikes, something that would not have been possible just a few years ago.

The use of dash cams in Russia has been widespread for a number of years. Their rise in popularity has been attributed to police corruption, insurance scammers and dodgy drivers.

In 2009, President Medvedev acknowledged the danger of driving on Russian roads, blaming the “undisciplined, criminally careless behaviour of our drivers,” (he forgot to mention corruption, which ranks Russia 133rd in the world).

Russian dash cams are so widespread that it has become its own brand of viral video, the results of which ranged from the terrifying to the comically bizarre.

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