Reduced Car Crime in 2016?

5th January 2016

Thieves are becoming increasingly dissauded from car theft, so it would appear. The Home Office reported that UK car crime is currently the lowest for the last 20 years, with fewer vehicle break-ins and personal items being stolen.

Living rurally or in a more affluent area sees the lowest crime rate, particularly in Devon and Cornwall, whereas Greater Manchester ranks significantly higher as the top location for car crime in 2015.

UK Police advise that 'Most vehicle crime is preventable'. This is becoming more apparent with modern technology making it more difficult to break in and/or steal cars. It is also discouraging criminals due to a greater fear of being caught. This technology includes:

  • number plate recognition cameras
  • CCTV surveillance
  • secure (theft resistant) number plates
  • vehicle trackers
  • steering locks
  • electronic immobilisers

Car theft can also be reduced by more obvious preventative measures, including:

  • Keeping doors locked
  • Keeping windows closed
  • Do not leave valuables on display, e.g. sat navs, wallets, mobiles, etc
  • Do not leave coats, jackets, bags on display
  • Empty the car when you leave
  • Don't leave items in the boot or glovebox

Car thieves can also target home break-ins to retrieve car keys so make sure these are left out of sight of windows, doors or letterboxes.

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Parking on the Pavement – What are the Rules?

Many people do it, sometimes out of necessity; sometimes out of laziness. But parking on or partially on the pavement restricts the use of the pavement for pedestrians, forcing them onto the road. This is not a problem for some but it does put more vulnerable road users at risk such as the elderly, those with disabilities or parents pushing prams.

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