Which Car Owners make the Best and Worst Drivers?

27th November 2015

No matter who you are there is always a stereotypical connection between the car you drive and how you drive. Of course there are a million ways to determine how good a driver you actually are, this article just considers the number of 'at fault' claims and parking errors your brand of car commits. Here are the statistics...

Who causes the most accidents?

Lexus and Land Rover drivers top the list for most at fault claims, registering 111 and 110.1 at fault claims per 1,000 drivers respectively. Close behind these brands were Kia owners scoring 109.2 'at fault' claims per 1,000 drivers, followed by Volvo at 107.9 and then Audi at 105.2 at fault claims per 1,000 drivers.

On the other end of the scale, Smart car owners were the best drivers registering only 78.6 at fault claims per 1,000 drivers. To some surprise Subaru owners, often associated with the 'boy racer' image, only recorded 79.7 at fault claims per 1,000 drivers.

Drivers of other cars such as Ford, Vauxhall, BMW, Mercedes and many other brands do not feature in the table as they all fall within the middle of the spectrum

MoneySupermarket compiled data from 11.3 million car insurance quotes over a period of 12 months to produce the results. They also composed a similar survey in 2013, that time Subaru topped the list for best drivers, closely followed by Smart. The highest number of at fault claims in that survey was registered by Seat owners, followed by Kia and then Mini, Honda and Mazda drivers.

It's worth noting that the statistics may be warped by the influence of car owners to actually make a claim if they have an accident. Owners of luxury cars would have to pay considerably more for repairs, therefore covering this cost through insurance would be far more beneficial to them.

Which car owners are the worst at parking?

A survey by stressfreeairportparking.com investigated which owners of a particularly car brand had the worst parkers. They analysed over 8,000 cars in city centres and out-of-town shopping centres across the UK to determine which brands of cars were parked the worst.

Top of the list for worst parkers were Audi drivers with a whopping 1 in 4 cars parked poorly. 24% of Audi drivers had left to go shopping with their vehicle tucked to close to the lines or over the line completely.

Behind Audi in the list of poorly parked vehicles were Mercedes (16.6%), Mazda (13.5%) and then Lexus (11.5%).

Land Rover again make it into the list but this time at the opposite end of the scale as the best parked car brand in the UK with only 2.6% parking errors. Land Rover is closely followed by Rover and then Skoda with 3.2% and 3.3% negligently parked vehicles, respectively.

Do you agree with these statistics? Are you an attentive Audi parker, a reliable Lexus owner or a careful Land Rover driver? Please leave your comments below.

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