Glossary of Insurance Terms


50/50 Claim:
This is a situation where both parties or drivers involved in an accident are deemed to be at fault. This can easily occur on the road in busy traffic or when facing difficult weather conditions. When this occurs, both of their insurance providers will pay towards the cost of the claim and damages. This is also known as a ‘knock-for-knock claim.’

The Association of British Insurers is a market association whose members consist of UK insurance companies. The ABI exists to promote the interest of its members in all classes of insurance by gathering market statistics, sharing this information and raising awareness.

Accelerated No Claims Bonus:
Although a no claims bonus is only active after 1 year, there are some insurers we work with that will offer an accelerated version meaning that you can receive the same bonus, despite only 9 months of claim-free driving.

These are the additional items that come with a vehicle upon purchase such as the spare wheel, jack, air conditioning and radio. Some of these items can be added or removed after purchase.

Affinity Groups:
For drivers that share a common interest (such as classic car owners), they can belong to special member clubs or ‘affinity groups.’ This will give them perks such as invitation to events, subscription to magazines and discounts on their insurance. The groups are typically non-governmental and non-commercial meaning that are joined by people who love a particular thing, not purely to get a discount.

Like Call Wiser, aggregators are companies that work with several insurers to broker the best deal for the customer.

Agreed Value:
Some vehicles are worth more the older they get, such as classic cars and limited edition vehicles. When you need to make a claim, you will typically receive less and less money over time as cars tend to depreciate in value. But with agreed value cover, you will be able to claim for what the vehicle is actually worth as it goes up in value, year-upon-year.

Anti-Lock Braking System can be fitted to your vehicle and stops the wheels locking if you need to brake hard. This reduces the risk of the vehicle skidding uncontrollably and is favoured by most insurers as it is less likely to cause an accident and lead to a claim.

Any Driver Policy:
This is an extension to your motor insurance policy that allows any person to drive the vehicle provided that they are legally entitled to do so. It is common for family vehicles with lots of drivers and also companies where staff will use different vehicles such as couriers and taxi drivers.

This stands for ‘Automatic Number Plate Recognition’ and involves a camera fitted into fixed sites and police cars. The camera is linked to the Motor Insurance Database and it takes an image of a vehicle’s number plate and can tell whether or not the vehicle has valid insurance or not.

Approved/Authorised Garages:
This is a garage or mechanics that the insurer knows and has approved to do future work on their clients. If you need to make a claim, some insurers will be willing to cover the cost of repairs or replacements to your vehicle provided that it is done by an approved or authorised garage that they work with. This allows the insurer to confirm the price and also know that the quality of the repairs will be of a high standard. If you do not use an approved garage, you may be required to pay an additional excess.

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